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Today,in China Daily Blog,i want to introduce a person to all of you.She is outgoing and have courage to touch everything she doesn't know before.Now,she has a dream and she wants to tell you.

  She is 19-year-old now,a flowery age in a girl's life. Her name is 谢秋睿 and nickname is 谢毛毛,and she also has an English name named Sunny. Yeah,it's me. Here,I wants to introduce myself to all of u and talk about my "naive" dream.

  How to generalize my character? maybe it just like my English name:sunny~I would like to be a sun rather than a flower,perhaps many people prefer to appreciate flowers because of the elegance shape and delightful smell,but unfortunately,i don't have both of them. i want to be a sun ,warm people and smile to them,melt the poor or cold hearts when people hurt. I like to chase everything that i yearn, i believe i have enough courage and faith to treat the trouble appeared in my life,because of that,i have the mettle to utter my dream.

  Recently,i registered a number in Facebook and i want more people to know me. When i was young,i admired the actress or actor who pictured on magazine,they were so charming and i thought if there may be one day ,i can let people know me. So,this "naive" dream continue to now, my dream is picturing on the magazine, like <Vogue>. This dream i dreamed almost 16 years and now i speak out. Picturing on the magazine is one of my dreams. Maybe it is so weird and naive to you,but that's okay, i just wanna show you that i have strength to fight for my dreams. Far or close, time will tell me.

  At last,thanks for all of you listening to my talking. I hope you everyone can achieve your own dreams and never give up.


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    谢毛毛: I just wanna tell you how may ways i got the points and i recognized that there were some mistakes in my essay.Thanks for your advice.
    If you are going to write, base it on your own real life experiences, and not a combination of 'Downton Abbey', the internet and American movies.

  • Tess:a book you need to read and experience your whole life 2016-12-27 09:27

    Ashikujaman: Good Writing. A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.- William S ...
    I hope you can read this book one day, i think you will be atracted by this story~

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