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A night of environment meeting

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  Recently I’ve just watched a documentary “to the arctic” which depicts the difficult journey of a mother polar bear raising her cubs given the diminished ice and migrated preys. The global warming has deteriorated to a degree that has no precedent in the past six million years. Some animals are subject to extinction, cities flooded by rising sea, areas struck by extreme weather. But all I concerned about is whether my room is warm enough and what lunch I am going to take today. How selfish! So when I was invited to attend a “COP 21” review, I immediately said yes. But it turned out to be a disaster.

  The meeting, as the name suggested, was a review of what happened on the Paris conference about climate change last month. Experts, journalists and grass-roots workers on climate change were invited as guest-speakers. So the boring meeting started. It’s not because it’s full of dragons and technical terms. No one gave a full picture about the Paris conference or addressed the important issues about climate change. All they said was “so we have done a lot of research and collected a lot of data... Attention on climate change is the current trend and China could not avoid”. When it was finally the Q & A session, I was once more disappointed. A well-polished and smartly-dressed Chinese guy who had years of experience in energy trade and just gave his speech in a university in Hong Kong asked in his impeccable English: how do you guarantee the quality of data collection? And there was an American working in IBM inquiring about where the capitalization of carbon dioxide capture would come from. Nearly at the end of the session, an old Canadian man who has grown his beard like Tolstoy stood up, put on Santa Claus clothes and changed his cowboy hat to Santa Claus one. He introduced himself as “sustainable Santa Claus” and asked the guests to join his roadshow on climate change next month. Because he became the focus of the meeting, a few people surrounded him after. And when I was ready to leave, he asked me and other people if we wanted dinner together. Now he changed his clothes back to woolen coat, and wore a tie of yellow dragons. He spoke with articulation and his eyes under the thick glasses look wise.

  So he introduced himself in a small restaurant of Shanxi noodles. His name is Da Long (big dragon), which might be favored by foreigners but seems very weird to Chinese. He talked about his sustainable projects which has arouse the interest of a CCTV documentary director. He said that he didn’t like the meeting because no one really cares about the environment. “And the guy from IBM! All he talks about is money, money, money. It’s so boring!” Exactly! For the first time since the night I heard some truth. And I started to like him. Like a professor, he dominated the conversation over the dinner. “i recently saw news about people staring at their mobile screens on the streets dropped in a well and died. So I am starting a campaign to warn people about its danger. Sometimes people are like dogs. You need positive and negative reinforcements. You need to give them rewards and punish them”. He has a vivid body language and panted like a dog when getting excited. By the time I was well attracted by his charisma and did not notice how arrogant his commentary on people was.

  There he finished his preach, ready to go. I looked at the table, rice being scattered and dishes left. A guy who was talking about sustainability and concern about environment for the whole night wastes half of his food! He is just another hypocrite.

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