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A Walk for Love

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What happened on April 23?
During the Chinese New Year I saw a post on wechat calling for people to take part in the  E.G.G. Walkathon--walking 50km in 12 hours to raise money for underprivileged children in China. The money will be used to help children in areas of nutrition and health, social assimilation, safety and protection, and education and learning. I made up my mind immediately that I wanted to join, because it will be a good deed and a challenge for me too. I called my brother and cousin right away and "recruited" them to my team "Love for Charity", and soon two more friends joined. I'm writing down this experience so that people browsing this website who would like to help the children can find a way.

The walk is set on April 23, a Saturday. One week before that, we decided to do a trial walk of 30km, and we designed the itinerary to match the theme of this program.

On the day itself, it was raining the whole day, but all of us persevered through the rain despite the wet clothes and squeaky shoes. Out of 3843 people coming for this walk, 2718 have completed the whole 50km. My team was among them. The last 10km was particularly painful because most of us got blisters on our feet and leg pains, but no one said anything about giving up. If you have to ask what was going on in my mind at that time, I could not give any noble or grand reasons. The only reason would be that we had to finish what we started no matter how painful it is. As we hobbled towards the destination, the volunteers were already waiting to congratulate us. Each of us received a medal to mark this achievement. It was a walk of personal challenge and social gain. Although right now I'm still resting at home because of leg pains, it is all worth it.

What is E.G.G. Walkathon?
E.G.G. represents Enjoy, Give, Go, and also refers to the original fundraising project that donated money for children to eat one egg a day. This activity started in 2011, and this is the sixth year. Over the past five years, this program has raised over 22.5 million RMB, funded 101 non-governmental organizations and 155 children's welfare programs, benefiting over 280,000 children and teenagers. Each year this event is covered by media including Xinhuanet, Shanghai online, Public Welfare of China, Media China, etc. The program of this year has already raised over 7 million RMB and is still rising every second.

Who is Shanghai United Foundation?
Regrettably the Foundation does not have an English website yet, but its official website is The Shanghai United Foundation was established in December 2009. Its mission is joint fundraising and support of non-governmental public benefit organizations. Its vision is to build an environment of mutual trust, cooperation and sustainable development for the non-governmental public benefit sector. The Foundation initiates activities both online and off-line for the public and companies to participate and raise money from their friends and family, donates the money to selected non-governmental charity organizations, supervises the usage of their funds, receives feedback of the projects, and raises people's awareness of helping each other.

Where does the money go?
Most of the money will be used to continue to fund up to 38 existing programs in areas of children's nutrition and health, social assimilation, safety and protection, and education and learning. Apart from that, it will be used to help the non-governmental organizations to improve their capabilities of mobilizing resources, and to provide functional support to those organizations (including auditing, consulting, etc.). Other new programs will focus on underprivileged children. A project review board will evaluate and decide the usage of the money, which will be open to the public.

How do I donate to the children?
The website is all in Chinese, so I made a step-by-step guide (my comments are in the red boxes) for foreigners who are interested in helping children in China. I hope this guide helps. If there is any question, please send me a message through this website or to my mailbox ( We deeply appreciate your kindness no matter what the donation amount is. As the slogan of my team goes: A small token of kindness kindles hope.

Please browse the following website and follow the guide for donation. The receiving account belongs to Shanghai United Foundation. If you have donated, please leave me a message, so that I can keep you informed of the usage of the money later.

About Author: Helen, currently a freelance translator in Shanghai. Loves reading and writing and everything related to languages. If you would like to forward or share this blog, please contact the author at

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-4-26 08:55
Thank you very much!!! we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-4-28 22:32
I can feel my legs are burning -  you guys really know how to play
Reply Report helenriver 2016-4-28 23:37
Dracarys: I can feel my legs are burning -  you guys really know how to play
One of my legs is still paining...guess I need to exercise more
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-4-29 08:38
helenriver: One of my legs is still paining...guess I need to exercise more
28 miles  for god's sake - this isn't about exercise more and I guess everyone would get a legs-burning after they walk like this long
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-5-14 18:11
I did a few walkathons for MS when I was a kid.

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