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My practice-Wangjialing coal mine

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       The Wangjialing coal mine floodwas an incident that began on Sunday, March 28, 2010, when underground water flooded parts of the Wangjialing coal mine in the Shanxi province of China. A total of 261 people were in the mine when workers first broke through an abandoned shaft that was filled with water. Over 100 managed to escape, but 153 workers were trapped in nine different platforms of the mine.         
       Television reports spoke of the survivors attaching themselves by belts to the wall of the mine as waters rushed in. They hung there for three days until a mine cart drifted by and they got in. Most workers are safe with a few dozen still trapped as of 5 April, if the official numbers are correct; families claim the actual number is higher.        
       The mine belongs to state-owned Huajin Coking Coal Co. Ltd. At the time, workers were building the mine's infrastructure to allow it to produce 6 million tons of coal per year at full production.       
       More than 3,000 rescue workers are working to pump out the water, equivalent in volume to 55 Olympic swimming pools.Rescuers are facing black, murky water and a high concentration of toxic gas.       
       After a week of being trapped, 9 workers were rescued during the early morning hours of April 5, and sent to a hospital in Hejin.In the same day, a total of 115 trapped workers had been rescued and were quickly sent to hospitals; 26 of them were in a poor state of health. According to survivors, some ate paper and chewed on coal for hunger relief.    
      Until April 9 morning (local time), 23 victims have been confirmed dead. It is said that the remaining 15 trapped people had been located, but there are difficulties in approaching them. Rescuers said on April 8 that the chance of surviving for 14 workers in those 15 was "nearly zero" for they were quite near the point where the underground flood began to pour into the tunnel. However, the search for them is still ongoing.       
      Yesterday,we went to there for survey about effct of side slope.I must to say,the palace floode by smog,which has a terrible environment.We will survey some data to protect that dynamic compaction wont destroy the slide.We did this seriously and want to get some evidences.We spent 7 hours did this test.At last we get the important datas.     
     From this journey ,I get some experiences,Shanxi should swich the economic model,just rely on mine industry wont make the province better.Since China launched the reform in 1978,it has transformed its planned economy into a market-based economy,and thus experienced rapid economic and social development .10 pers of the GDP growth per year has brought more than five hundred million people out of poverty.At present,the 13th Five-Year Plan of China emphasized developing service industry and dealing with the environmental and social imbalance .The government has set goals to reduce pollution ,enhance energy efficency ,increase the chances for education and health insurance ,and promote the social security .Now ,7 pers of the annual economic growth target of China shows that the government attaches great importance to the quality of life rather than the growth rate.      
      Don't forget the accident is a disaster, the toughness is not these miners voluntarily; if you can not find the root from the mine, a mine can not avoid.

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