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In pursuit of happiness or what we perceive of happiness.. we tend to forget what real values in life means to us. Often we look elsewhere, everywhere.. somewhere for love when most of the time its right there in front of you .. staring at you, beautiful eyed and eager to love.. its just that we are not looking or take it for granted.

I had an interesting conversation with a lass.. asking me a question.
"There is an ancient Chinese tale. During the ancient times .. legend has it that Lady Meng.. a beautiful lady.. concocted a tea that has abilities to make one forget. According to the tale, when you are about to leave the world.. Lady Meng will approach you with an offer of the tea.. If you choose to drink it .. you will make a clean break from this life.. i.e. from all your relationships whether its good or bad.. forgetting love, hatred, hardships, despair, worries and all emotions with memories along side it.. Starting a fresh the next life in pursuit of happiness all over again.
On the other hand you have a choice of declining to drink and retain all memories when you are reborn.. having a chance to reunite with the person you love the most and be happy or make right the wrongs you did in the life you are leaving."

If you are at the gates.. What will your choice be ? To drink the tea or not.

I will choose not to drink it. 

Interesting as it may seem, my choice is anchored towards reasons of both good and bad. Often not choices make the person.. in my case the man. I have my reasons..i may blog it. You never know..

Its a good notion that we may have an option to "restart" life with a clean slate that can allow you to be free from all previous problems as per say and move on to "better" lives. But what lies ahead will be a mystery.

So what will your choice be when Lady Meng approaches you ?

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