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Forum Must Never Become A Platform for Personal Vendetta!

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Recently I posted two threads that started a heated discussion; they are, "China's Government Never Shut Down!"  and  " Many Chinese Have Become Rich Before They Have Become Civilized".
Seneca, a vocal opponent, employed all sorts of tactics, incluidng half truths, twisted facts, and downright lies to counter the opinion expressed in those threads.   That's not a problem; I can handle all that;  I can debunk his lies!
But, failing to win the argument based on points, he has descended into the cesspit by accusing me of being a reincarnation of the banned poster 'sansukong'!   Read his post #434, " You are SANSUKONG the Malaysia-based propagandist who in the recent past tried "to influence the Chinese government" (your words) with paid-for propaganda from U.S. American think tanks enlisted to spread disinformatsiya on Climate Change."  
He made two failed attempts to link me with 'sansukong';  first, falsely claiming that I live in Kuala Lumpur, and then changed it to saying I live in Borneo, both of which were wrong!   I never lived there,  and besides, I am not a Malaysian, as he falsely claimed in his desperate attempt to link me with 'sansukong', who apparently must be a Malaysian!
I am NOT  'sansukong';  I  have never posted any thread on climate change!  That's his desperate attempt to discredit and silence me!   This is scandalous and unforgiveable; he has crossed the 'red line' and I have reported him to CD for breaking Forum rules and for abusing Forum for his personal vendetta against a fellow forumite!   I have also demanded that seneca apologize and remove his scandalous posts, which he has not done so!
If CD failed to take tough action  against the perpetrator of such low down tactics,  it would be seen as condoning such behavior, and encouraging re-offending!
Readers are entitled to know the truth behind this false accusation by one poster against another poster for his own selfish personal reasons. 
If such low down tactics are not dealt with appropriately by CD, there is nothing to stop this culprit from doing the same to other posters, bringing disgrace ad disrepute to Forum!  Every forumite is a potential victim of his!!

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By the same token, Forum must never be cornered by any individual, or group of individuals acting in concert, to promote their own selfish agenda!  It is the duty of every forumite and moderator to expose any attempt at such!

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