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'The horrible horrific Honda men are back again"

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It was over 70 years ago the horrible horrific Honda men tried to rule the world
The emperors men had scorched the world with bombs and guns
In pearl harbor the hungry  horrible horrific Honda men had the yanks in a twirl
They bombed their  ships and cause some havoc in the pearl "harbor"......................
Then the yanks put paid to the horrific horrible Honda men.....
The yanks dropped that bomb in the horrific horrible Honda men's den
It was very sad but that put and end to them then and then..
Now the horrific horrible Honda men are back again...............
With their now friends the yanks they want to take the island in the South
History shows this island in the South belongs to the might Chinese red army
But the horrible horrific Honda men will not stop, they see a chance to grab some land
The mighty Chinese army is solid and full of strength ........
And the horrible horrific Honda men think that the yanks will help
The mighty Chinese have warned,attack us in the South China Sea
And we will quickly let you see.....
The yanks are there in their splendor just smelling blood like they do
This time i think the horrible horrific Honda men will fall again
The horrible horrific Honda men are up to their old tricks again
But this time i think again they will be crushed in vain............
Lets hope the yanks stop their assistance to the horrible horrific Honda men
And we can all have peace in this world again
The Chinese will be  peaceful until disturbed again
But in the thought are the massacres of  Nanjing
When the horrible horrific Honda were at their very worst
Reeking havoc in their endeavors to kill with lust
Yes the memories of Nanjing are still very clear
And i think in retrospect the horrible horrific Honda men should live in fear
I do hope that these horrible horrific Honda  men get some sense
And realize that with the mighty red army they will be in disarray
If in fact they want to play
And the Yanks stop their meddling ways  in this matter that is not theirs to play
The mighty Chinese reds will wait and see and hope that the fools will see the plan
Because  the  Chinese reds are ready for  revenge...........and justice for the Nanjing  kill and lust..

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