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China has every right to march and remember with sadness the world war 11 victor

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I read with  interest  that  the "director of asian affairs in the white house"  Evan Medeiros has made a controversial 
statement regarding the announcement by China that the victory of The Chinese Peoples War of Resistance  in the
1940's  was to be celebrated and remembered this year in China.  Mr Evan Medeiros  in his  astounding piece of political 
wisdom has made a statement that is  absolutely non of his business.  The  Australian people turned out in the millions to march and watch the march of what we call the ANZACS (the australian and new zealand army corps) last  saturday the 25 th of April.
Every year on the same date  Australians celebrate the memory of the soldiers killed and injured in wars last century and the
start of this century.  And  did  Evan Medeiros  say anything about the Australians  marching and celebrating?  no he did not 
because he knows that the Australians would be insulted by any  political activist (yes i am calling Evan Medeiros a political
activist). commenting on their right to march and remember with solemn dignity the past wars and the soldiers who fought for  Australia.    So why make a comment on China and their intention to remember their soldiers and citizens  killed in wars.  I can recall with great  sadness that there were  a reported  13,000,000  yes  13 million chinese people  killed by the Jaanese Imperial 
Army.  What right has this fool Evan Medeiros  to make such ridiculous and intimidating statments.  It is time the USA just
stopped  sticking their noses in the business of China.  Let what ever country that wishes to remember the past wars and the
soldiers and civilians killed be able to remember with dignity and let this remind us all of what sadness and disaster  that wars do 
bring to all countries.   Pleas stop the "China Bashing" as it is just getting to out of hand Mr Medeiros, and it only opens more wounds.  These wounds need to be  healed with more political sensitvity.   What right has Evan Medeiros to make statements condemning China and it's intention to remember their soldiers and civilians killed in this past war? none at all i think.
from phantomguy who says it as he sees it

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