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kind of brain soaked in a small bottle
shaped by a bottle but only a bottle's shape
what if let the brain out, exposed in the air
let it freely grow, in or out
the brain will breathe free, stretch free and happy

let my brain out, no matter winds blow, rains fall
it needs to breathe free
it needs to stretch free and happy

release the lion out of a cage
if you want to see its naturality and goodness

in a cage, no more lion but cat
I am only skeleton if my brain is in
a bottle

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Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-21 15:11
Good poem! but as a layman, I think a brain is better contained in the head, if it is out of it (the head), it is something like tofu. Anyway, I like the essence of your work, thanks.
Reply Report shehemego 2019-1-25 21:12
kevinruud: Good poem! but as a layman, I think a brain is better contained in the head, if it is out of it (the head), it is something like tofu. Anyway, I like  ...
It is just about my feeling. Of course we couldn't let the brain live without the container of a head. My feeling about the brain kind of amount to the soul of a person. In this way, the head is a box, restriction or something like  this to the brain. I want my brain out of a box, out of restriction which is set not by others but always ourselves. A lion in a cage has no help from himself but the soul of a person always has ways to live out of box just if he trys. No no-way for human. For we are human, beyond animals for thousands of thousands of years. But my soul sometimes just seems so weak, even weaker than any animal in the world. How funny it is!
Reply Report kevinruud 2019-1-26 11:16
Great! I look forward to your next great work!

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