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On 21 Centuary's Entertainment

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So much to have a look in the world. Don't know why so. Finding fun is easy now with network technologies improving every day. With your cell phone, you can chat, you can entertain with music, movies, TV shows or mobile games. Fun is so demanding but don't know what is meant to be for me only. Be ordinary and absorb what is provided. Then everything that appears on the phone means fun. Or to someone means happiness. This is life of 21 centuary when fun is connected with science and technologies.

For the other side, information is demanding, too. We don't just love information but need it. We need information to instill into our life and make it full that information becomes something like water which is so life-necessary. Which means without information we cannot live as we cannot live  without water. Every medium on the Internet or TV or posters, on devices like cell phone or ipad or i-what, every platform like facebook or wechat or the likes. They are providing information just as cook, providing food.

Last point is about entertainment. It is sure that every era has its entertaining way and entertainment should not be called devil even if it is so addictive or toxicating. It is not about entertainment itself. It is about what we think of entertainment. Entertainment to our life ought to be seen as seasonings to food. Food is the point.

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