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on language usage

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                                                   On  language  usage

       Language is powerful means of communication which enable us comprehend each other .we can’t get away from language every time , through which we can acquire many important thought and cognition .There are lots of ways to improve the ability of the language competence, such as listening ,speaking ,reading and writing .However I think it must make rigorous and extensive training ,without which one can’t master this language skillfully .

      In fact,we use language every day ,but this don’t explain we can speak the  influent  Chinese .Perhaps some foreigners  speak Chinese better than we do ourself . One person which have higher education certificate and extensive knowledges can’t  speak  , maybe he speak badly ,so the practice of the speech is the very important element . In order to master the language preferably, I must pay high attention to language  practice.  The ancient proverb say that  diligence redeems stupidity , one has an excellent quality if he works harder .This is  miss understanding in order to master the speech skill through reading more books , because the  books are the stiff knowledges which have no any use if one can’t digest ,assimilate and use the language in a flexible way .

     The language is a rich treasure which need be excavated in our long life . I know that art never stops ,keep making progress .Only can one make unremitting endeavor , he will truly use the language freely ,no matter Chinese or English .



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