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Today, I saw the old tramp again when I got off  bus and headed for home. So glad and excited was I to find him after two days. He was rummaging in the garbage to seek out  some edible things to  fill his belly. I happened to have some snacks with me, so I gave it to him and left peacefully.

I have to confess my guilty and embarrassment here. The day before yesterday, I saw the wanderer for the first time near my home. He was doing the same thing as today when I met him. Then I saw a man abuse and kick him for messing up the garbage before his door. Somehow, I didn’t stand out and stop that bad guy, instead I watched all this happen silently as other passersby. The tramp didn’t resist and left with his big dirty bag. I felt kind of heartburn at his receding figure and realized that I can fetch some food from my home to comfort him. However, I couldn’t find him everywhere around our community when I got some pancake at my hand. What a pity. Luckily, I did what I have regretted for not doing today.

I recall a story once I read in a magazine-Reader’s Digest long time ago. Don’t we all need help? The beggar in that story doesn’t feel ashamed at his temporary difficult position and win respect and help from the writer. Life is full of ups and downs, everyone may get trapped in predicament. Why can’t  we be more tolerant of those in need. Sometimes, little assistance from us can means a lot to them so as to help encourage them to work harder to get rid of poverty and low status.

I am not persuading people to give money to every beggar we meet. There are so many guys pretending to be poor beggars in order to get others’ compassion and cash according to reports online. On the contrary, I hope those tramps can break out of  the pot that holds them in. What’s more, healthy and young tramps shall do something to amaze those people who have looked down upon them before and change their fate.  Life shouldn’t be too hard for them  as long as they work hard. The only difference lies in how much you earn. The most significant thing for a human being is to live in dignity and esteem. Nothing is better than help the wanderers earn their own living.

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  • Acupuncture and my grandpa 2018-4-8 19:49

    Your grandpa is a very special person. You are lucky to have his wisdom to learn from. Enjoyed your story. Thanks

  • Learning from my students 2018-3-19 09:28

    You are doing good with your students I think.Way to go.

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