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Calender is very common in almost everyone's home in China, with important holidays, festivals and traditional fortune-telling like information on it to remind peolple of good luck or bad fortune of each day. However, few people I know use a portable calender to write down their dates or arrangements on, which is more like a memo or to-do list. In Taiwan it is called 行事历, rather than 日历 in China. As early in October, you would see various kinds of well-designed calenders and sold in shops like MUJI, Eslite Bookstore, Caves Books...People would buy a calender as a gift for their children, classmates, friends and colleagues.

Actually, my recorded life started at the beginning of 2014, last year. One of my favourite teacher, Rumo Zhang, gave me such a calender as a new year gift when I studied in Taiwan as an exchange student. It was a simply-designed calender, with a sentence "Believe in Learning." on it. I guess it is my teacher's expectation for me. So I determined to make good use of it so as not to let her down.

At first, I wrote down my exam schedules and appointments or dates with friends on it. As the examination week was over, I kept a record of what books I have finished and what movies I have watched on it. I also have my families and good friends' birthday recorded on it to remind me to prepare gifts for them.

Gradually, more things are on my calender. It now becomes an account book. The figures for my daily spending are recorded on my calender. I account for each sum of the money I have spent, such as food, clothes, make-ups, film tickets, train tickets, hotels, taxi fee, cash from bank account and transfer accounts. At the end of every month, I would calculate the total expense and then make a plan for my next month's budget. Have I spent too much money or can I buy a kindle with the money saved? Haha~

I don't like keep a diary, but I do love my recorded life. It is not only a calender, but also a short diary, a schedule, a memo, a financial manager and a memoir. Do you think it is a great idea? And hope my habit will give you some hints to lead a well-organized life.

My 2015 calender is actually a free gift gaved by a Taobao shop owner.

Exanination arrangements of this month.


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  • Acupuncture and my grandpa 2018-4-8 19:49

    Your grandpa is a very special person. You are lucky to have his wisdom to learn from. Enjoyed your story. Thanks

  • Learning from my students 2018-3-19 09:28

    You are doing good with your students I think.Way to go.

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