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Lijiang--a place that you'll never forget

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Well, perhaps when you asked the proposal for your journey plan, most of your friends will recommend LIJIANG. Do trust them, they're right. However now, what I want to convey is not its amazing scenery that impress you a lot, but its feeling.

When we rent a car, driving aimlessly on the highway, we're sure that our direction is absolutely right, because there exists only one way that every car headed for one destination--Lijiang. Hearing the soft music, seeing the airplanes up and down(Yes, it's from the Lijiang airport. I also feel suprised Lijiang, a small town, has an airport.), smelling the perfume from the flower nearby, I naturally tended to fall in sleep. No, I won't. I'm afraid I'll regret my sleeping in the near future. All I can do is to appreciate, to take photos, to get drunk in the power of the nature.

Along the roadside, lots of riders and hikers, all carrying a package on their backs, headed towards their destination, the same as us. However, I felt their hapiness wa sstronger than me. Maybe they would feel the special sentiment after the exhaustion. I shook down the window, asked, "Where are you heading for?" "Lijiang!" A rider wiped the sweat dripping from his hair but responded delightfully. "Now, I'm quicker than the car." He seemed to spend all his strength to ride his bicycle, leaving his laughter on the road.

Finally, we reached Lijiang, and we chose Shuhe ancient town, a less unpolluted town by the visiters and still keeping the original appearence. We set foot on Chama road, hearing the bell ring tied around the horses. We continued, and entered a bar called Qianlizoudanqi(a bar which Hanhong, a famous chinese singer, sang here). We ordered the special pork ribs with special flavour, and other cuisine I cannot call their names. The singer, sitting on the center of the stage, seemed to use his songs to narrate his life in Lijiang. At that time, the evening lights were lit. The streets was prosper suddenly. We went out and joined in them. We bargained with the pedlers. We took photos with everything on the ancient road. We enjoying the whistling of the youth's until the new day came.

In Lijiang, I felt released. If you feel tired now, please choose Lijiang as your spiritual ballast. We, human beings, can only live once in the world(I also believe we have a future life.), so it will be regretful if we haven't been to Lijiang.

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