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How Mencius's Mother Teaches Her Son “孟母三迁”

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       When Mencius was young, his family lived near a cemetery, fully exposed to funeral ceremonies. He and his playmates imitated burying and mourning proceedings. Mencius' mother thought the surroundings were not good for his education so she decided to move. They moved to a place next to a fair, and Mencius began to learn the ways of business people, bargaining and haggling. His mother didn't want her son to become a businessman so she moved again. This time they moved into the house near a school, and Mencius began to learn the Classics and etiquette along with the students. His mother thought this was the right place for him and decided to stay there for good. This shows that Mencius' mother realized the importance of environment for Children's growing up. These are the stories about how Mencius' mother moved three times. 

        One day, Mencius skipped school and came back home much earlier. His mother called him to the loom side and let him watch her weaving. After a long time, she suddenly cut the cloth she had woven with a knife , much to Mencius bewilderment. When Mencius asked, his mother explained, " if you quit school half way, it is like my cutting the cloth before it is completed." Mother's words were firmly branded in the son's mind. From then on, he studied assiduously and became a great thinker and educator of the Warring States Period and he has been remembered as such throughout Chinese history. 
        The above two stories are frequently used as examples to show the importance of Family Education worked on the great Chinese thinker and educator Mencius. The first story tells us that Mencius' mother moved three times for his son's growth realizing the importance of environment for a Child. The second story tells us that Mencius' mother cut the cloth before it is completed to emphasize that running away from school is just like the weaving cloth being cut before completed. The story is really thought provoking. Not only in the Ancient time, the living environment plays an crucial role in Children's growing up nowadays. What the people around him or her value much more will give him the hint and influence about his career and life. Take myself as an example, I am a girl from the county in Shan Xi province who has beat thousands of athletes  and finally rushed into Beijing, the capital city of China by lucky and ability. In my family, my father has paid great attention on the Children's education, though the surrounding relatives don't. Because my father himself had tasted the bitter of lacking higher education which had been neglected by parents and people around him when he was still a child. Therefore, he told three of us that if you didn't grasp the education opportunity I gave to you, and wasted your life, then I will refuse to pay for your education. While,I think what my father said has been a great threat for all of us, also a great force for us, which is much better way of education than the spoiling love. 
        With regard to the equal Education environment, China has lots to improve. In 2008, Beijing Olympic has showed the great strength and prosperity of P.R.C. Therefore, when I came to S. Korea last year, people there insisted that China had become a developed country and people were all affluent equally. Here I want to say, in some part of the country, the education materials and resources are still insufficient and unequal. Students in some rural area needs to pay much greater effort to enjoy the education resources. The inequality of access to the good university and better learning environment has led to the inequality of the regional economic development. All of the above will widen the income gap between different region. Chinese government needs to aware  of the problem and find ways to address it. 
         What's your critical opinion on the above two stories?

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