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Reality Check at Madame Tussauds Wuhan

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Many relish the moments when they get up-close with A-list celebrity stars, inventors, politicians and other heavy weights in world history. The reality here is, you don’t always get these celebs all in one location. That however has been made possible through centuries old art of wax effigies.

Wax museums are famous around the world for their unique representation of famous individuals and even groups that by ordinary standards, peasants like me wouldn’t come close to meeting in a lifetime. Popular around the world is the renowned Madame Tussauds wax museum.

It is the name most people relate to when wax museums are mentioned even though it isn’t the first in recorded history and certainly not the last in modern history. With 250 years of experience passed on from generation to generation, cutting edge presentations and exhibition, Madame Tussauds has become a household name among its competitors and remains frequent on the check list of places to visit by both the young and old.

Whilst others were visiting cemeteries, sweeping tombs and paying homage to the dead during the Qing Ming festival in China this past weekend, revelers (me included) were relishing the moment with some of our favourite celebrities at Madame Tussauds in Wuhan. Here, I get you up-close with what the Wuhan branch; one of a few in China has to offer.

IMG_20160402_132353.jpg             IMG_20160402_133003.jpg

Bruce Willis                                                                        Jackie Chan

IMG_20160402_133102.jpg             IMG_20160402_133141.jpg

Marilyn Monroe

IMG_20160402_133336.jpg        IMG_20160402_133915.jpg

  Audrey Hepburn                                                                   Xu Fan

IMG_20160402_134309.jpg             IMG_20160402_134945.jpg

Feng Xiaogang                                                        Donnie Yen as ‘Ip Man’

IMG_20160402_135633.jpg           IMG_20160402_135650.jpg

Leslie Cheung as ‘Chang Deyi’

IMG_20160402_140018.jpg          IMG_20160402_140155.jpg

Serena Williams

IMG_20160402_140053.jpg           IMG_20160402_140111.jpg

Rafael Nadal

IMG_20160402_140510.jpg           IMG_20160402_140600.jpg

Kobe Bryant

IMG_20160402_141023.jpg           IMG_20160402_141134.jpg

Yao Ming                                                                        Lin Dan

IMG_20160402_141243.jpg        IMG_20160402_141606.jpg

Li Xiaoshuang                                                    David Beckham

IMG_20160402_141446.jpg          IMG_20160402_141457.jpg

Lionel Messi

IMG_20160402_141905.jpg        IMG_20160402_142850.jpg

HRH Catherine/ HRH Prince William                                 Queen Elizabeth II




A selfie with the Queen

IMG_20160402_144142.jpg          IMG_20160402_144344_1.jpg

President Barack Obama                                              A selfie with President Putin 


Acting as spokesperson for President Putin

IMG_20160402_144846.jpg           IMG_20160402_144901.jpg

The Lady of the House Madame Tussauds molding an effigy from a human head

IMG_20160402_145125.jpg         IMG_20160402_145132.jpg

Li Na in one of her moments


Yang Li Wei

IMG_20160402_150832.jpg        IMG_20160402_150951.jpg

Steve Jobs


Asked him a few questions…no comments he said.