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Learn English By Watching Friends0101

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The whole story starts from the famous coffe house, central park. The first screen is Chandler, Joey, Monica and Pheobe were talking in centure park. Monica said that she does not have date with a guy, it is just a man from her work. But the other friends do not believe it. When they were talking about that, Ross came in with a really depressed 'Hi'.

Ross was very depress because his wife is a lesbian, she left him and moved out with her stuff. Other four friends wants to comfort Ross but it made the satuation worse. Ross does not want them keep fixating ont that thing. Then Joey suggested him to go out and have some fun, for example, go to a bar. But Ross said that she does not want to be single, what he wants is to be married. At that moment, Rachel came in with her wedding dress. What a coincidence! Actually I do not think it is a coincidence, Ross and Rachel's love start years ago when they were in middle school. Ross bad a majar crush on Rachel from that time.

Maybe you will ask why Rachel came in with wedding dress. Actually she just run out from her wedding. When she were unpacking her wedding presents, all of a sudden, she realises that she does not love her husband, she just loves the presents more than him. I think it is a wise decision for her, because life would be a disaster if she choose to marry a man she does not love. 

Back to the real world, Rachel does not know hoe to live her life, because her father payed all for her. Now she have to find a work to aford her life. It is hard but she has to move forward, her other five friends helped her cut the creditcard, then she lost her last backup, it forces her comming to the real world. Monica said 'welcome to the real world, it sucks, but you will love it'. I really like this sentence, it is real life.

Follow are some useful sentences in Friend0101.

You are going out with some guy, there must be something wrong with that guy.
All of a sudden, the phone starts to ring.
Why does everyone keep fixating on that? 为什么每个人老是提它?
You need any thing, you could come to me. Me and Chandler lives across the hall.
Can I tell you what the anwser is?
I do not want to be single, I just want to be married again. And I just want to have a million dollars.
It is my life, I want to decide what to do for myself.
Are you ok? Do you want me to stay with you?
The worst thing I ever did is broken my ex-boyfirnd's watch.
That was not a real date, what the hell do you do on a real date.
I can not believe you did not it was a lie.
Come on, this is really not necessary.
Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
Welcome to the real world, it sucks, but you will love it.
Can I get you some coffe?
You probably do not know this, back to high school I had a majar crush on you.
I can not believe what I am hearing...

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