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Interesting sentences I learned from Friends0114

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In this episode we see what they do on the Valentines day. Joy date with a girl who takes a mate, so he has to take a mate too. He asks Chandler to go with him and you know what, the mate his date bring is Janise. It is so awkward because Janise is Chandler's ex-girlfriend. Rachel, Monica and Phoebe have no dates, they decide to stay at home and burn down stuffs the guy who they dated before gave them. But they break out of a fire and fireman came put out the fire. It is so dangerous. Ross date with a women, they met his ex-wife when they were having dinner. What a coincidence that is. Ross fells sad for his ex-wife and he want his ex-wife join them. They had a nice talk that his date has gone and Ross did not notice it, that means he still like Carro. 

Follow are some interesting sentences I learned from Friends0114.

1. I am returning your egg.
2. It is nice to have a date on valentine's day.
3. Would you get me a cup of coffee?
4. Just calm down.
5. How do we end up with these guys?
6. We can burn the stuff they gave us or we can dance naked.
7. Can I talk to you for a second over there?
8. You can not do this to me.
9. I am out here, here is my cred card, diner is on me.
10. He is a stupid guy who left his credit card to us.
11. Rachel, come to see who is here.
12. This is so much fine, this just like a reunion.
13. If you want to put a label on it.
14. How could I dump this women on valentine's day?
15. If you do not do that, I will.
16. Would you mind my ex-wife join us?
17. What do we got there?
18. It is a really funny story that...
19. Learn to love your self.
20. I do not think we will work out.

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