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Interesting sentences I learned from Friends0113

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In this episode, Chandler saw Rachel nicked as an accident after Rachel came out from bathroom. At that moment, she just wore a blanket. Rachel felt so awkward about it. While they talked this in central park, Joy's father came in. He is on his visit to Joy and will stay here for some days. At that evening, Joy's father was talking on the phone with some one that Joy thought it was his mom. But the fact is it is not. His father was talking with his lover, Joy feels so angry about it. He can not believe his father is cheating on his mother. After he told this to his mother, Joy's mother came to his house have a talk with him. To his surprise, his mother thought that is ok because that woman could make his father happy. So she just ignore it and pretend she does not know it. I am shocked by what Joy's mother doing. She is a great mom. Back to Rachel, as Chandler saw her breasts, she plans to revenge it. She goes to Chandler's wash room to see Chandler but it is Joy showering there. Then Joy revenges back but he saw Monica as an accident too. At last Monica saw Joy's father nicked. It is so funny all of them are saw wrong people nicked.

Follow are some interesting sentences I learned from Friends0113.

1. Now go away so we can talk about you.
2. Did I miss something?
3. It was an accident.
4. You use your humours just to keep distance with people.
5. Did you know this is not mom?
6. You ever been in love?
7. Please tell me one of them is mom, of course one is your mom, what is wrong with you?
8. That is not what I was saying.
9. Remember, they are just food, they are not love.
10. What are you doing here? I thought you will use it tomorrow.
11. I want you be here and I will keep an eye on you.
12. You were suppose to be there and I could see your thing.
13. So what is going on?
14. I came to give you this and this. things are fine with what they were.
15. Nothing makes him happy, do you remember what your father be ? he is always yelling.
16. They have a liking problem of you, they don't like you.
17. That is why you are so great.

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