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Difference between Chinese people and Americans

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Most Chinese are pragmatic, like most of the government leaders. Most Americans are thin-skinned and cry foul whenever an article pointing out American shortcomings and/or FU's, like their leaders.

For example, an article posted here on CD recently posted by an American, stated that Chinese people have bad driving habits and skills. The Chinese people responded with comments like "yeah, we're bad drivers" or "we should improve our driving skills".

Contrast this to ANY article ANYWHERE that points out America's stupid behavior, and MOST Americans will respond with tired comments such as "PROPAGANDA!!!" or "this article is a lie" or "the author is unamerican" or "get out of your mother's basement" or "FEARMONGER". Anything but a rational response. They obviously prefer kicking and screaming to critical thinking (which is what American children prefer to do instead of learning how to read, write, and add, according to the last 2 decades of polls/surveys)

The ugly truth is that Americans are irrational and infantile, quite unlike their Chinese counterparts. 

Rarely do Americans respond to negative criticism with anything but crying. It is rare indeed to see an American respond intelligently to criticism of America. Those who do are derided for wearing tin foil hats.

Last year before the Edward Snowden debacle, MOST Americans claimed that anyone who thinks the American government is spying on its own citizens is wearing a tin foil hat

Now that this has been PROVED to be the case, that the American government IS in fact spying on its own citizens, (thumbing its nose at their beloved constitution in doing so, BTW), it seems that either a large portion of Americans have suddenly stopped commenting on negative articles and news stories about America, or there are a LOT more tin foil hat wearers

Either way, American adults are spoiled brats compared to generally rational Chinese adults. 

Congratulations to all of Americas exceptional citizens. You are the BEST at EVERYTHING! 

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