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I love my city Bengbu

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Today I want to talk about my city, my hometown – Bengbu, in Anhui province.

She is not big or bustling or very popular with tourists and just a third-tier city, but she has a very beautiful another name which is "Pearl City". Why may call this name? It has to say Bengbu’s geographical location. Bengbu is close to Huaihe River, which is the second largest mayor river in Anhui province, and the first one is Changjiang. With the advantage, Bengbu is the traffic hub in Huaibei area and an important port for marine transportation. IN a long time ago, Bengbu was just a small village where the people relied on fishing for a living. Of course, She was rich in PEARL. With the development of times, the small village has changed and become a town, and more and more pearl has been exported to all over the country. Gradually, people used PEARL to call the city. Bengbu has her own goddess –Pearl Girl, coming from a beautiful legend. As is known to all, the formation of pearl is very hard and mussels have to bear great pain to turn a sand to a pearl. So, Pearl Girl symbolizes hardy, industry and sincere to Bengbu people.

Bengbu Huaihe Railway Bridge (photo by Zhang Jimin)

There is a saying that Bengbu is a city carried by trains. That means Bengbu is a railway traffic hub.

Pearl Girl in Pearl Park (photo by Xu Wenting)

1.     Beautiful Scenery

As the saying goes, “Walking here and there, there is no place better than both sides of Huaihe river.” Bengbu is one side facing river, and surrounded by mountains on three other sides. Because of this, besides the flowing river, Bengbu has a lot of other scenerys, like Zhanggongshan Park, Longzi Lake, King Yu Temple, Bairu Spring, Zhuizi Mountain… Everyone of these places is very beautiful. Zhanggongshan Park is the national AAAA level scenic area. Longzi Lake is three times as large as West Lake. King Yu Temple has a long history and legend. Sudongpo who is a famous poet in the Song Dynasty of China said that Bairu Spring is the seventh spring in all the land.


Bengbu Huaihe River Gate (photo by Zhang Jimin)

Pearl Girl in Zhanggongshan Park (photo by Xu Wenting)

Zhanggongshan Park is the largest park in urban, holding the flower show every year and attracting a lot of citizens. There is a tower in it called Wanghuai Tower. The name of the Tower is meaning that standing at the top of it you can see the Huaihe River. And it’s true, I saw it.

Zhanggongshan Park (photo by Xu Wenting)

Zhanggongshan Park (photo by Xu Wenting)

Pearl Park at the center of the city (photo by Xu Wenting)

Pearl Park at the center of the city (photo by Xu Wenting)

2.     Delicious Food

If you come Bengbu the first time and ask what the most characteristic food is, the locals will give you two choices. One is Xueyuan Snack and it tastes sweet. The other is Clay oven rolls clamping fillet whose flavor is spicy.


Xueyuan Snack and named “Intangible Cultural Heritage”

Glutinous rice balls sold by Xueyuan Snack is my favorite.

Clay oven rolls clamping fillet

Clay oven rolls clamping fillet can be bought in many places, but the special chili sauce and sweet flour paste make Bengbu’s different from others.

Of cause, Bengbu is rich of freshwater food, like fishes, snails, mussels and crabs. Tuohu Lake Crab is one of China five famous crabs, and you can taste it on water farms in September or October. Just now.


Fish compared with my shoes

Fried snail

3.     Climate

Located at the north-south dividing line of China, Bengbu’s climate is sub-tropical monsoon climate. Both spring and autumn are sunny and comfortable, with the temperature of about 20. Summer is rainy season. Especially from June to July which is the Jianghuai Meiyu Season. The weather is drippy and humid. Winter is dry and cool, and it snow almost every year. I wanna to say Bengbu is a good place to visit at any time of the year, and you’ll find different nice views and delicious food in here. Of course, spring and autumn are the best times for a visit.

North-south climate dividing line in Longzi Lake Park

A Part of the Pics are from my friends'. Thank them a lot.


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