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Time to say goodbye

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I suddenly realize that  it is time to say goodbye after so many sleepless night ,just like  the first time  I got the news that I can work abroad .The difference is that it is provisional to leave  homelands ,but leave this country for good .

Time back to that day  when I came to Baiyun airport waiting for the international airplane to Phnom Penh,  Cambodia .I was full of excitement at the thought of walking into a totally new world .For many people ,this country seems to be  extremely  poor and backward .However ,it is highly appropriate for a girl who wants to travel around the world some day but lack of money temporarily .Moreover ,I was just  a newbie at that time .Cambodia is a good beginning which means I was on the way from then on and never have an ending .

I have been working here for one and half year, gain some , lose some , like a zero-sum game .When the feeling of freshness wear off ,the passion of exploring unknown world arose .The time has come for me  to move on  another  environment.

During this time, I got my driving license ,I had traveled to Vietnam, Angkor,  Sihanoukville, and Thailand with my colleagues .Never had I dreamt of those, my dream ,my goals come true so easily and quickly .

With the rapidly increase  of private cars, driving license  becomes more and more important at present in China ,no matter you own a car or not .This license plays a critical  role in finding jobs ,same as other certificates for instance diploma of university ,certificates of HR, accounting, English and so on . In some cities this is not a special skill but normal one.

“You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.” Perhaps those are the only two things I have insisted on. Traveling is the initial purpose to be here. Therefore I had seized each possible opportunity to go out.  “Books are the stepping stones to human progress.” Wherever I am, here are always some books at my bedside .Both traveling and reading enrich my leisure time and broaden my sight.

In the meantime what I lost seems even more, I have to take much time to make up in the future.

I had been back to hometown twice during working period. To my surprise, I had been away this city only one year; the city has changed a lot. High buildings spring up like mushrooms. The routes of bus changed a lot accordingly, thus easily get lost accidently. When I am abroad, what I know about China is partial and fragmental, but the variation of details are the one in close attached with personal life .There is a little example:  one of my colleague who has not returned home for so long went shopping for the Spring festival with her daughter in a supermarket, she saw a round golden things and was ready to buy that one .Her daughter stood by her and looked at her in curiosity, finally she could not help herself bursting into laughter. “Are you sure you want this, mom? This is bread, and super yucky!”

While I was busy with my work, my mother’s phone call came in. She was so angry because I could do nothing to help her out the problem. She had already resigned, but the boss withheld her wages and did not let her go. My mom was so impatient whatever I said .About one minutes later, she suddenly hang up, left me endless guilt and remorse. I was major in human resource in college, why can’t I apply my professional knowledge to deal with her troubles. It took a long time until she finally forgave me. One day when I phoned my father as usual, I found that his voice was so hoarse; I realized that there must be something bad happened to him or to my mom. It was a long 3 minutes he broken the silence “Your mom was ill and she came to the hospital by herself yesterday  .I got to knew this after her operation .She did not tell anybody before .But don’t worry ,she felt better now.” I fell into a trance but had no choice, only a few words of consolation. The master said “When your parents alive, do not travel far.” So when can I learn to balance the family ties and work or my dream?

Last but not least, I still want to appreciate my company, after all I cannot have cake and eat it!

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Reply Report Igo 2017-3-26 12:39
The 4th version of radio calisthenics for nationwide high and element schools begins now. 1st set, lunge variation with chest-expanding. (the music of "Dancing the Youth" sounds up)
Reply Report Lynn16 2017-3-26 15:11
Igo: The 4th version of radio calisthenics for nationwide high and element schools begins now. 1st set, lunge variation with chest-expanding. (the music of ...
   Actually I want to say ,hey ,James Bond Island ,you are mine ,now !However ……

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  • Start over 2017-10-21 15:19

    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

  • Start over 2017-10-8 08:36

    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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