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Mountaintop or the scenery along the way ?

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When the first little ray of light waked me up, I knew it was a sweltering day again .However such an abominable weather still cannot change my decision ----go hiking. With one apple, a packet of biscuits, sun umbrella (God! I forgot the most important one –water!), I started off.

It was already 10 o’clock when I arrived at the foot of the mountain .I did not feel like taking the bus as my purpose was taking exercise. There were very few people, it was not strange because the weather was really hot that day and none of us wanted to catch a heatstroke, we would like to stay at home rather than under the hot sun .Nevertheless, I took back my words immediately I went around a corner, there a large crowd in front of me, made the narrow step narrower. The old, the child, the young, some alone, some partnered with others laughing happily. It was a steep climb, I had to struggle to move on. The speed and the status (alone) provided me a chance to observe how others behaved.

There were two kinds of cases: one was that some walked slowly taking photos or speaking up freely, laugh and joke, if they were not alone . while the other walked quite fast though breathing heavily almost panting ,I guessed they maybe in the hope of arriving the top of the mountain as soon as possible .

Then there comes to the question :Do you prefer to visit straightforwardly to the destination (the top of mountain ),or enjoy the scenery along the way while on your vacation ?

Different people have different ideas .The destination is like the pursuit of life goals .Some would like to work hard ,hour after hour ,day after day ,just to achieve their so-called goals and enjoy the last moment of triumph .However ,some treat it as their life ,they admire every little progress they make ,they believe life is like a journey ,it is not the destination ,but the sight-seeing along the way that important . 

And I prefer to take my time and enjoy the scenery along the way .First of all ,,there can be some surprisingly beautiful sights on the way ,and I don’t want to miss them easily .They can be ever better than the destination .In addition ,climbing itself is a way of relaxation instead of a job, it can be a good way to give me a break from tedious daily work ,so why I am silly to rush myself .Otherwise I may already feel tired when I get to the mountaintop .I’d like to relax from the moment I set out .

So ,to me ,it was really a meaningful day ,though my clothes were soaked with sweat ,my leg is still very sore after several days .However ,because of the pain ,the day –the Dragon Boat Festival left a deep impression on me .There goes a saying: I can't keep your waves, let me keep your footprints in my heart .Try to be in less of hurry ,just for the great things along the way .

the start of the long way

stand high and see far

the bridge connects between Shenzhen and HK.

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    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
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    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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