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The back hills of Mount Qingcheng

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It was a nice day ,not because of the weather ,but the exciting experience we have had .

After carefully planning last night ,we set out from the bus station at 9:30 this morning .We got up so early ,in order to avoid burnout ,both of us took a nap on the bus .Around 45 minutes later ,when I opened my eyes ,I saw a lot of new but traditional buildings .You could not see the rubbish anywhere ,and I suppose that you would be shocked by the clean streets.

Unfortunately , we were still a little late ,the tickets just sold out .So we had to change there for other bus .After the second bus transfer ,we finally arrived at the Tai’an ancient town .We passed through the town directly and began to climb the mountains .It was a piece of cake for me at first .I had climbed many mountains with friends or on my own before .Walking in the crowed ,I felt at ease and fun .And I told this to my friend ,my friend smiled to me and said ,”You will regret what you had said soon ,I bet !”I pretended not to care this , and headed on .It took only a few minutes ,I had to eat my words. So what does the roads look like ?This is a narrow mountain path ,the ground is wet with the cold rushing stream flowing under the one-way bridge .Every step must be extremely careful .Oh ,my feet ,they were still in the high-heeled shoes ,I was so sorry to them ,I was not on purpose .

However ,joy is always greater than sorrow ,when we passed through a group of people, and then more and more ,I had a strong feeling of success . I am always eager to explore new territories, obviously this is a totally new world to me .We were anxious to reach to the top of mountain and forgot to eat .Time was limited , there was no time to waste. As we estimated that we could not return to the bus station on time ,so we decided to take the Baiyun Cableway .Ah ,It was very hot just now ,but when we took a seat ,we had to put  on the clothes we just took off .It felt good to gaze down on the valley .The trees are sprouting .20 or more minutes later ,we arrived at the other sight spot ,and started to go downhill. We picked up speed as there was only one hour left . ”Don’t say there is no difficult down for the mountains, and it turns out to be a damp squib. When you enter into the circles of mountains , it is not as easy as you imagine.”(1) And now I deeply realized the meaning of this poetry.

To sum up today’s experience ,we almost used all means of transportation: bus ,car ,bike ,boat ….how interesting !


The back hills of mount Qingcheng is located in the Taian village,70killometers away from Chengdu, a total area of about 100 square kilometers. There are many popular attractions ,for instance ,Tai’an temple, Baiyun temple ,Zushi cave ,Wanfu cave ,Cuiying lake and so on .It takes around 6hours by foot and is more likely prepared for the explores. But you can find many kids and the old all the same .So if you like climbing ,don’t hesitate .


(1) This is a poetry by Wanli Yang .Which is “莫言下岭便无难,赚得行人空喜欢。正入万山圈子里,一山放过一山拦。”Forgive my Chinglish translation .

the route of journey  -----I think there is a mistake on the card .

Baiyun Cableway

only this one left,oh the smile is so ~~~~

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Very memorable trip!

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    Igo: Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.
    Dear friend ,I want to say thanks and sorry to you ,have been here for so long .

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    Keep going! You will be where you want yourself to be, one day.

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