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What to do with a failed love

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                   Love is an unfathomable thing. It can be capricious and volatile like active gases in the air. We may chance upon it in the least unexpected situations; or we may lose it instantly while we are passionately in love. Love is an unknown quantity, which may vary with one’s vision, state of mind, sentiments, external influences or it’s simply a matter of instant decision. Thus, it’s advisable that we should adopt an open and frank attitude to our relationships in case we may get into a dead end. When the other half insists on leaving, there is no need to clutch at him arms and beg him to stay. In that case, just be magnanimous and let him or her go; the world won’t end if you broke up. The following strategies may help you get through a failed love with great ease.                                                                              The first step is to make a self-reflection. Instead of bashing the other half bitterly and tearfully, let’s review our own words and deeds and get to know our own faults. Do I have some manners that are offensive to him? Am I a confident girl in front of him? Is there any misunderstanding that made him turn me off? Nobody is perfect. Even if the relationship is hopelessly incurable, rather than blame fate or other people, we may as well convert our sorrow into strength and take the opportunity to transform ourselves into a better person. It’s awful experiences rather than favorable circumstances that make us grow. In some sense, a failed love can open a brighter door to a more exciting world. Without experiencing something painful, life may be incomplete.   
                       Next, make a general judgment about that person objectively and fairly. If her is merely a playboy flirting with you for temporary pleasure, give him a hard lesson by confronting him and declaring to him that you have the least interest in a dishonest man with him affected pretensions and then make a clean-cut with him. However, if the person is a honest guy and it is some other factors, like character incompatibly, life habits, or diverged career paths that caused your splitting up, then be sensible enough to take a forgive-and-forget approach and still keep in touch by regarding him as a common friend if necessary. After all, where there is a friend, there is a way. Just as the saying goes that it’s better to convert an enemy into a friend. Sometimes, we may learn to shut all our senses to the things happened to us.  Closing your eyes, you will get the whole world.                     
                      Then you may ask what if you still falsely clinged to that person when he has stepped out of your life? Now I will tell you that nobody is irreplaceable in this world and that with a bit of courage, you are sure to walk out of the shadow and move on to the future. The quickest way of forgetting a person is to make a list of the flaws he possesses, such as his ugly eyebrows, his disgusting way of speaking, or his lack of compassion for the vulnerable groups. These shortcomings can make very good reasons for you to let him go. What’s the use of allowing his ugly image lingering in your mind? Then smash the presents he sent you and tear up all your photos and diaries you kept and throw them into dustbin. Whether beautiful or ugly, those reminders belong to the past which are bound to go with the wind, disappearing into the ether. Then you will heave a long sigh that you finally kicked that worthless bustard out of your mind. It is in tears and sorrows that you struck on a great faith that a girl should learn to love herself before she begins a relationship with other men.                                                                               Eventually, your anger and indignity may get appeased, and you may set out to plan another date. Don’t lose heart. There are always some nice guys out there meant for you. The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks. Even if you failed half a dozen times, you must stand tall and keep your chin up, believing that you are the most proud princess in the world. Some day when you look back, each painful experience may serve as a rich treasure that you harvested and accumulated into your life palace. Eventually, you will meet your Prince Charming at the time when you have perceived what real love is and got well prepared for it. 

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Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-1-30 23:14
    be careful!
English speakers don't talk of 'meeting their Prince Charming' !!
I have only heard this expression in China
Reply Report SEARU 2016-1-31 11:53
Failed love should be also cherished as the perfect jade in the mind as if time could be frozen in that period!----------We should not feel sad for the bitter and sweet memory about  the past!   
Reply Report LastInQueue 2016-2-14 18:57
It is only a chapter in the book of your life.  
Some chapters are longer than others and some are wonderful, some are not.  
But they are all in your book.   

There is no "bad" love. There is only love. You absolutely WILL forget the pain after enough time but you will never forget the good feelings that you had for him or her.   

And this brings us to one of the most difficult parts of any relationship that has ended. The dumper and the dumpee.  
The dumper is the one that ended the relationship and the dumpee is the one that gets hurt the most.  
The dumper feels that he is in control while the dumpee feels that he has no control at all.  
The dumper finds it easy to begin a new relationship yet the dumpee often finds a new, rewarding relationship to be more difficult to start.  

Your amazing adventures, as chronicled in the next chapter of your life, will be interesting to read!

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    I enjoyed your thoughts very much. I have been an educator since 1974 and learn something new about teaching everyday. Most enjoyable thing to me as a teacher is when a student who has done poorly, some how with your help a " light" finally burns bright in their mind about learning. When a student sincerely says thank you for all you gave to me, makes my day. Good luck always in your teaching life.

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