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Is simple living feasible?

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                  The other day, I came across an interesting article in the life column of a newspaper. The title isn’t eye-catching at all, but the fresh idea it conveys makes a dramatic impression on my mind. The article begins with a story of a couple who sold their house in the big city to start a bed and breakfast for visitors on a mountain known for colorful sunset. The following part explores the benefits of this simple way of life and the hidden reasons that people yearn for the simple lifestyle. The notion itself gives modern-day people plenty food for thought.   
              In the era of high efficiency and fast rhythm, a lot of people are rethinking their machinelike life and figuring out what they really want and need. They tend to abandon their fast-paced style and adopt a more casual attitude to life. Simple living ranges from cutting down on weeknight activities to renting apartments, living closer to work and commuting less, avoiding shopping malls and entertainment venues, buying recycled furniture and shoes and taking a cut in pay to work at a more pleasurable job. Briefly, simplicity is about conscious living and creating the life we want. It means that we may live within a limited budget and enjoy whatever a lifestyle our heart desires, for example, by making a hobby your career, getting close to nature and spending more time with kids around the clock. The less stuff we buy, the less money goes out of the door and the less money we have to earn. Is it a feasible way of life?           
               In my light, I would rather not choose this semi-reclusive lifestyle. As long as one can balance perfectly between his job and amateur life, he will be a happy person. I always take my job as my secondary hobby, if I am not very much keen on it. After all, it provides me with a stable salary to keep my household running. By interacting with my students, I gain a lot of pleasure and I can always retain a curious nature as well as a young mind. After work, proper organization counts. On weekends or holidays off, I actually possess plenty of time to allocate to things like reading, gyms, shopping, a small trip or a candlelit dinner with my kids. By alternating my job and social life, I can always enjoy a full and colorful life without any boredom. How could an enthusiastic person complain about things like fatigue or exhaustion? Life lies in movement; humans should progress ceaselessly towards higher goals rather than stay where they were. Next, it’s a bit absurd to separate oneself from the mainstream of the society. If one hides himself in his house for a week and completely shut his ears, he would make himself a fool when spoken to again. The world is constantly changing. Your non-conformist ways may probably get you into trouble. What’s more, even if you are willing to act to your liking, your kids need a socially humanistic environment to grow and learn to adapt to the fast-changing society. If isolated, how could he establish his realm in the world? In some sense, simplicity means inactivity and passiveness. As adults, we should set a good example for little ones. They should be taught to be aggressive rather than recessive. If everybody follows his inclination, our society would retain stagnant or even retreat into a primitive state. That’s too terrible.           
                 Finally, youth is a time for devotion and exploration. As backbone forces of the society, we should keep our enterprising spirit and improve our social adaptation in order to better transform our planet and benefit our future generations. AS an old saying goes like this, it’s never too old to learn. Now we can believe that it’s never too old to struggle. Instead of suspending our body and soul, let’s make concerted efforts to keep forging ahead until the last minute of our life.

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Reply Report HenLaoLaoShi 2016-1-18 16:52
I think it is possible to choose a simple lifestyle without isolating ourselves.  So often we buy things we don't need.  We want the latest phone or the most expensive car and the most stylish clothes.  At times those things are not even for our own benefit, they are to show off for others.  I hope everyone has all that they need.  But there are somethings that we buy but we never need.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-1-20 09:30
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.

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  • A good teacher in my eye 2018-6-4 05:04

    I enjoyed your thoughts very much. I have been an educator since 1974 and learn something new about teaching everyday. Most enjoyable thing to me as a teacher is when a student who has done poorly, some how with your help a " light" finally burns bright in their mind about learning. When a student sincerely says thank you for all you gave to me, makes my day. Good luck always in your teaching life.

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