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love or appreciation?

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    Recently, one of my friends told me that she was trapped into some difficulties because her cerrent emotional state. She said she was acquainted with a boy last semester and after their frequent communications at weichat she found she was kind of fall in love with him. So, one night after having a dinner she told the boy about her emotion but he refused with the reason that he just ended up a relationship and didn't prepare well to accept a new one. He said it is unfair to begin a new relationship if he still beared someone in his heart. Thus, my friend was comfused about whether she should wait for him or just let it go and she was annoyed because both of we are just on the way of the preparation for the postgraduate entrance exam and low spirits is bad for study.
   But after her decription I just got the feeling that my friend wasn't really love him so much. As we konw, girls always consider themselves fall in love with some boy beacuse the boy often offers his hand when they are in trouble. Moveover, it will be more common if the boy happens to be handsome, smart and talent. In my opinion maybe her emotion towards the boy is a kind of appreciation. In my point view, if you appreciate someone, then everything you look about him is perfect; but if you like or love someone, you will aceept almost everything of him both good and bad, and sometimes even the weekness is cute and lovly for you. what's more, if you really love someone deeply you will find it is acceptable even if some of his weeknesses are conflict to your own priciple. Because you just like him and cannot let him alone.

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