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I don’t know if I am an imaginative person or just one who tends to daydream. However, one thing is certain that I have had many dreams ever since I was a little kid. Some of the dreams have come true while some simply got dashed, and others are still alive.


When I was very small, I would sit and stare into the sky for hours, watching the clouds moving along and changing into different forms like horses or other animals. In the evening I would watch the moon and count the stars, wondering what was living out there. In that period of time my biggest dream was to be a bird and fly high in the sky to unknown distant places, to see with my own eyes and explore the world.


When I was a little bigger, I found out we kids could not do many things as we hoped to. We had to get the permission from our parents before we actually did something. How I wished that I could grow up more quickly and be an adult! I believed that once I grew up, I could do whatever I wanted to.


My childhood was spent in the Cultural Revolution. It was an age when food was scarce and meat like pork was luxury to be put on the table, thus usually reserved for special occasions like the Chinese New Year. Naturally it became one of the grandest holidays one could ever have in a year. The red package or the lucky money given to kids was surely something nice to have, but usually we had to hand it in to our parents. What truly attracted us were the rich meals we had during the Spring Festival, especial the New Year’s Eve dinner. After the New Year, I would begin to count when we could have another new year. To us kids, the New Year means delicious food and much time to play. I can’t remember how many times I dreamed about the upcoming New Year.


When I was in elementary school, I became interested in “small children’s books”, a Chinese version of comic books. I was surprised to find there were so many interesting stories in such small books. Every time my mother or sisters went to town, I would keep bugging them to buy at least one comic book in the Xinhua Bookstore, otherwise I would not leave the store and even utilize the most powerful “weapon” ----- rolling on the ground and crying. Even today, I still have hundreds of comic books, which are kept in a wooden box.


I don’t think I learned much in my junior high. But I do remember my desk mate secretly lent me a book called the Second Handshake, a romance story which was forbidden at that time. Later he lent me a few more including the Song of Youth, Legend in Snowy Forest and the Story of Little Tie Zhu. I made a great discovery that there existed a fascinating world under the cover of these thick books called novels.


When I read the first chapter of the Song of Youth, the detailed account of the beautiful girl made me blush and my heart beat faster. It was the first time that I had been attracted by feminine beauty. And I began to yearn vaguely for love from the opposite sex. I read every book that I could lay my hands on, just like a hungry person, and usually finished reading a book within two days. I even paid some money or gave up some of my favorite toys like magnet for the book I wanted to borrow. I dreamed I would be a novelist and write novels for others to enjoy. However, in that period of cultural desert, my desire to read was far from being satisfied. No more books to read and then my dream to be a writer gradually died away.


Luckily for me, I had my senior high after the Cultural Revolution. School education returned to normal. However, I found I had to make up for almost every subject. I worked very hard and quickly I became interested in science, especially physics. I still remember the day when I took first place in total score in the whole grade. It was mid-term examination and I got full marks in physics. Looking at the bulletin on the wall, many people were asking who the one at the top was, for I had been a completely obscure student. After that, I determined to take physics as my major in college. To be a physicist was my new goal in life.


However, life is as unpredictable as the weather. I was admitted to a teachers’ school, though my total score was not bad. Without the help of an experienced person, I just didn’t know there was so much “art” involved in filling out the application form. In the first week I arrived at the school, I bought the whole set of college textbooks for physics majors. To become a physicist remained a big dream to be realized. But something else unexpectedly changed the course of my life.


I discovered some people were learning a foreign language, I was curious, for I had never learned English before. There was no such subject for country boys like me at that time. Very quickly I fell in love with this language. I was fascinated by the beautiful sounds of the language. I signed up for it as a selective course. You can imagine how I felt in the first class; I was the only person who had never learned English in senior high. To catch up, I bought a textbook and followed the English teaching program of Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station. At the same time I taught myself through the English text books for junior and senior school students. Later I went on to the college textbooks compiled by Xu Guozhang.


In the first year of work, I was surprisingly assigned to teach junior high school English due to the lack of language teachers. In my spare time I continued learning the language with the famous textbook----New Concept English. How I wished to be able to communicate with foreigners fluently as a native speaker did! I believed the only way to realize this dream was to enter Beijing Foreign Studies University. And I strove for it continuously for quite a few years. However, I only partly fulfilled the dream, for I was admitted to Zhejiang Educational College as an English major after working for five years.  


As time went on, I became realistic. I told myself: “Since you are a teacher, you have to teach well, though it was not the job of your own choice.” To be a teacher students like was and still is one of my life goals. It is my belief that life is to be enjoyed and should be fun. Even today I still set goals for myself, though the dreams may vary at different stages of life. Four years ago my dream of having a decent house of my own finally came true. And recently another dream to have my own car has also been realized. Life seems good so far.


I’m confident that through unremitting efforts, more dreams will come true. Whatever life we may have, never should we lose the courage to dream and follow our dreams. The dream itself is not important; what really matters is the process of making the dream come true. Life would be dull and even meaningless without dreams.



Langston Hughes

  Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
Life is a broken winged bird
That cannot fly.

  Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
  Frozen with snow.

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