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The Wealth of a Man

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Act 1, Scene 1

Narrator: Rich and his former classmates often chat online through QQ. Today as usual, as soon as he arrives at the office, he turns on the computer. While getting ready for the day’s work, he finds something flicking in the bottom right-hand corner. He knows someone is saying something again in the QQ group chat room. So he clicks on that icon and a casual conversation begins.


Oldboy: Hello buddies! Am I the only one in the room? It’s so quiet here.

Bighead: You think you’re the first to come?

Oldboy: Oh, Bighead! What brought you here? You’re a rare visitor here.

Bighead: I have some good news to tell you guys.

Rich: Hi dudes! How are you doing?

Oldboy: Wow, here comes our respected teacher. I’m always full of respect for you teachers of the people.

Rich: Pulling my leg again! Old habits die hard.

Bighead: Everyone knows what kind of life you’re having being a civil servant.

Oldboy: It’s not fair for you two to attack me like this. Let’s drop it. Bighead, what did he say earlier on? You have big news to break?

Rich: We’re all ears, Bighead.

Bighead: OK. I want to share this news with you guys, for I believe it’ll make you happy. Haha.

Sisterdream: Out with it! Do you deliberately want to keep us guessing?

Bighead: Patience. OK. Here we go. A friend of my friend’s got orchitis, a disease with male’s balls. Unfortunately, the doctor cut one of his balls away because of misdiagnosis.

Oldboy: Is it good news? What a big loss for a man!

Bighead: Allow me to finish. Guess the final result? You’ll never believe it. He got paid a total of 1,000,000 RMB in compensation.

Rich: Would you willingly suffer such a loss for the same amount of money?

Bighead: Calm down. Some experts say it would not affect your normal sex life with only one ball. The idea is the same as with one kidney. You live a normal life with one kidney, don’t you? Of course, no one would like to lose anything we’re born with. The point I want to make is: You have 2,000,000 yuan’s worth of fixed assets, but none of you realize how rich you are. I mean you guys are 2 million times richer than you think.

Oldboy: Sounds reasonable. We men are all millionaires! And we’re always complaining about being so poor. Bighead, you really made my day!

Sisterdream: Wow, you men are the luckiest. I never realized that you go to work and back home carrying such big assets. Amazing!


The End.

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