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Saga Dawa Duchen(Buddha Day)

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Saga Dawa Duchen; (Buddha Day)
Saga Dawa is an important Buddhist festival, holds each year on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar(15th June 2015) and it is held in different months by different Buddhist countries in the world. This whole month is the most important Buddhist festival as which has gathered three important events of Buddha Sakyamuni;Birthday of Buddha,Enlightenment of Buddha and Passing away of Buddha. Saga Dawa is the entire fourth lunar month of the Tibetan calendar,which usually begins in May and ends in June. Three events of Buddha are in different time but it occurs in same month of Buddha’s birth,enlightenment and entry into Parinirvana at his death are observed together on the 15th day of Saga Dawa. Here,what does Saga Dawa mean? Saga means million and Dawa means month. So,for all the activities,positives or negatives,in each and every day of this auspicious month will be multiplied a million times.

Actually all Tibetan Buddhists are very cautious about doing negative activities in daily life as Buddhist believe in reincarnation and karmic result or consequence of action which brings what they do and don’t. Therefore every Tibetan Buddhist celebrates this event at the beginning month of fourth lunar calendar by doing in positive ways to accumulate merits as it doubles the consequence for any good or evil actions shown in the specific period.

On the first day of fourth Lunar calendar, every Tibetan Buddhist wakes up in early morning with very clean their whole bodies and then go for prostrating and offerings for destitute,beggars,handicapped people in every where they meet and see. Like in Lhasa which is the most prevelent city in Tibet where all the Tibetan Buddhists pay homage in the Ramoche Temple, Jokhang Temple,the Norbulingkha ,Potala palace and so on and on. It depends on income of the people,some people offer the golden leaf to the Buddha Sakyamuni and some people pay huge amount of money for the monks and nuns in the monasteries or nunneries in different locations. Though there is rich and poor in economic condition, they don’t compete on paying more than others pay and they offer their things with wholehearted wishes and pray.

Since the fourth lunar calendar of Tibetan begins, most of the Buddhists refrain or fast to eat meat and avoid negative actives of Heart,Mouth and Body. This is meant that after this month Tibetan Buddhist can do negative activities or eat meat. Because of it doubles, they avoid any bad things in this month. On the 15th day of Tibetan lunar calendar,every shops are closed and stop working in whole day for reading Buddhism scriptures, sing songs and vocal cords.

This is not only Buddhist festival but also it is very good to save lives of animals,environment and it is very eco-friendly. Because,the most of Tibetan Buddhist restrain eating meat and some plant trees. So, even non buddhists are keen to save animals and cooperative for environmental condition. That’s why this occasion can be celebrated by everyone. Don’t think that i am trying to indoctrinate you into Buddhist. Every religion is good and it helps for different followers.  But we need a religion which can keep our mind and heart in good state. We don’t need religion which affects us into bad and evil. If you want to know more about Buddhism then you can surf on net with brief introduction of Buddhism. Happy Saga Dawa Duchen (Vaisakha in Sanskrit; Birth,Enlightenment and Passing away of Buddha)


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