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小别离,or my experience on watching a Chinese series.

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Being inspired by an article once shared by a friend of mine in WeChat about the outstanding popularity of a Chinese series 小别离 (awkwardly translated into English as “Love for Separation”), I decided to search for the series on I was immediately captured by its storyline: three families, three 13-14 year-old teenagers, all having their share of typical teenage troubles and making their way through the debris of school exams and loads of homework and stress, striving for being heard and understood by the adults. Well, classical teenagers. But immediately, I fell a fan of the series, I guess, for a number of reasons.

First, I am a student myself and can relate to the stress of exams and homework not once mentioned in 小别离. I passed over the teenage period long ago, but still, when it comes to the exam times, I feel the same stress as when I was a schooler. Second, it made me conjure up my middle and high school time, its joy and sorrow. My parents were as demanding as the parents in the series. I had a tutor of English and Math, and had to earn only high grades in order to get the parents’ appreciation. They had their logic though: without high grades it would not have been possible to get enrolled for a good university and a popular department as was the foreign languages department, being exempt of study fee. My parents always pushed me to the limits, but now I’m thankful to them for it. The third reason might be that I used to be a teacher in Beijing and frequently heard parents, kids and teachers ranting about the whole stress poor teenagers have to go through in school in order to get their place under the sun after graduation.

The last reason is that from the series you can learn a little bit more about a new China and an old traditional China, too, about the Chinese family and society on the whole. Parents, stalking on their kids and violating their kids’ privacy in every possible way, the interpersonal relations built on courtesy, social and financial status, where people do not speak straightforwardly with each other, and “a little lie” takes place to avoid a possibility of hurting someone’s feelings which stirs misunderstanding between characters and leads to further conflicts. However, there are no “bad guys”. The parents are doing so for their children’s benefit (which is justified, in a way), the father’s second wife, a twice younger than him beautiful Tina, is kind at heart and puts a lot of efforts to become friends with her husband’s rebellious son, the young pretty assistant of a doctor (a father of Duoduo, a teenage girl, one of the leading characters in the movie) who turns out to be secretly in love with him, does not cross the line and tries her best to help her boss’s daughter with English lessons.

Generally speaking, I seldom watch any series. I don’t like to spend time on watching anything that lasts more than two hours, I lose interest quickly. But here, the storyline and the acting were able to catch my attention. I am planning to watch it to the end.


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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-10-18 13:41
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report Riz 2016-10-18 14:32
Exam in deed got me lots of anxiety in my school and college years. I couldn't get to sleep some nights due to the stress. Thanks for sharing.
Reply Report Dracarys 2016-10-19 22:31
Both Huang Lei and Hai Qing are excellent ..
Reply Report GhostBuster 2018-11-19 09:36
Growing up has pains! No one is spared from!
Able to cope and turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones make one stronger and able to face subsequent challenges!
Reply Report Mishao 2018-12-8 05:33
Love the Legend of Fuyao.
Reply Report sinibaldi 2019-2-18 05:00
The martin's song.

In the light
of a white
rose there's
a delicate
swallow, the
sound of a
stream and
a gentle delight.

Francesco Sinibaldi

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