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      I have been quite busy recent days and maybe i still need to maintain this situation until the end of the year. From Monday to Friday, I have classes to take as an English major. And with no rest on weekends, I need to go to old campus to have my Korean language classes.So, i can only spare time to write blog because i don't want to let my blog full of grass.

      Actually my life is normal and boring it's just studying, working and sleeping, like everyone else. But to be honest, i want to experience a more exciting life like what many Hollywood films describe. Haha, i am kidding. I still want to write what i encounter in my lfe.

      I want to write a kind of people , in my view, who are very disturbing. Let me show u an example , when i bought a cosmetic product on Taobao, then she bought the same kind the other day. Though i very look down upon this kind people as well as their behavior, to be kind I said nothing. But i really speechless.When I go with her, i talked about what i like or where i want to go, she immediately said," oh, that's great. I want to go there too." or "oh, ur bag is cute. Where did u buy? I want to one too." Oh come on, I don't want to go that place with u and I don't want to have the same bag with u.

      Why can't u have ur own view or appetite? Why u always want to own the same kind as others ? U are so strange. Well, that's a reflection of unconfidence. You don't dare to have ur style, afraid of making mistakes and being laugh at. But how do u know if it really suits u when u dont have a try? Life has no insurance, but has challenges and risks. For the unknown,dont let fear, doubt and tradition defeat u. I know I am not the most couragest one or the bravest one, and i am not always determinated. But i am curious about what i want to know. I know what i want to know, and i always do what i want to do, never forcing myself to do what i dont want. 

       Now i need to go back to my study. Good luck for my translation exam on Nov.9 and good luck for my admission to South Korea. Best luck for me.God bless me. Have a good day.

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