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Wash Your own dishes

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My first experience working in China was in a private quarantine center. There were approximately 20 of us with 33 horses.. The horses had to be in quarantine for 45 days. As this is normally where problems occur in shipping horses I stayed with the horses through the quarantine to make sure they were properly exercised and fed correctly. At one time China was a horse country but over the years this has been lost. With the new economic explosion the horse has once again become a status symbol. 

In the quarantine there were people from all over china that had come to the city to work. I brought with me my blacksmith and a couple of dutch girls who were taking care of the horses they had sold to China. I had the care of 3 Spanish Stallions. Every day we all ate together. We had a great cook. She would make two different dishes in gieant size woks and serve the food with rice, noodles or Chinese bread. We would serve ourselves from the big woks, then eat together on two great big round tables. Then everyone would line up and wash their own dish, glass and chop sticks. I’ve never seen that anywhere else in the world where each person washed his own dishes.

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  • Don’t clean your plate, it’s bad manners in China 2014-9-2 12:07

    My god, I do not agree with you. It is terrible word for foreigner life in China, it also make a wrong way with them. You do not know we just like some person feeling you rich, but, it is just only good on a area of waste foods.

    Please stop write down it  again.

  • Musical Garbage Trucks 2014-6-9 13:02

    A nice idea . I hope that the music did not start too early in the morning!  

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