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Teaching Mandarin Abroad

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I have a close friend who is Cantonese. She is a guitarist and a wonderful person. Like most guitarist earning a living is a problem. Although she studied mandarin as a child she never used it and basically forgot it. It was always embarrassing for her as I spoke mandarin and she didn’t but she was Chinese. Over the years she saw the value of speaking mandarin and started studying it. 10 years have gone by since I have known her. Also ten years have gone by and I’m traveling so much I haven’t seen her very much. She now is fluent in Mandarin. 

There is such a demand for Mandarin teacher in Europe she is not only teaching in Spain where she has been studying the guitar she is also teaching in Germany off and on. She does have an advantage over most of us Johnny come lately to mandarin as she looks the part. She has been so successful at earning a living on a private basis that the Spanish government is even giving her citizenship. One of the requirements to being a European citizen is the ability to earn an income. She has done this without affiliating with any school. She has done it as a private teacher. It just shows that the opportunities are many if you are a teacher of mandarin.

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    My god, I do not agree with you. It is terrible word for foreigner life in China, it also make a wrong way with them. You do not know we just like some person feeling you rich, but, it is just only good on a area of waste foods.

    Please stop write down it  again.

  • Musical Garbage Trucks 2014-6-9 13:02

    A nice idea . I hope that the music did not start too early in the morning!  

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