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Shopping Mall turned Art Museum

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Monet goes Shopping

There are always innovative things going on in Shanhai. At the moment there is an art exhibit on loan from the  Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris with forty French painting of which most are Monet and a couple of Renoir’s. Instead of being held in an art museum the exhibit is being held in one of the largest shopping malls in Shanghai. The Exhibit goes from March to June and is sponsored by private group and the K11 Art Foundation. The entrance fee is approximately 17 US... It is located in the K11 Art Mall in the Huai Haui Shopping Center. The value of being in a Shopping mall is it is a place that is readily accessible to the public. Often art museums are located in places where people only go to visit the Art Museum. 

It is not part of their everyday life. This shopping mall is always packed with lots of people. It is a way to take the Art to the people and introduce the Chinese to French Impressionist paintings. Shanghai has a long history of French influence which can be seen in the wonderful French Architecture in the city. Shanghai is truly unique in that influence. I certainly never expected to be in China surrounded with the best French Architecture one can see. All the sudden one finds oneself in Paris but it is China!! This is the first time an exhibit of the French impressionist painting has been to China mainland. It is also the first time such an exhibit is in a shopping Mall!

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  • Don’t clean your plate, it’s bad manners in China 2014-9-2 12:07

    My god, I do not agree with you. It is terrible word for foreigner life in China, it also make a wrong way with them. You do not know we just like some person feeling you rich, but, it is just only good on a area of waste foods.

    Please stop write down it  again.

  • Musical Garbage Trucks 2014-6-9 13:02

    A nice idea . I hope that the music did not start too early in the morning!  

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