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Repsot and Be Lucky!

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  How to pass a difficult exam?

   How to get a handsome boyfriend?

   How to lose weight successfully?

   Bother not to make detailed plan, carry out the plan persistently and wait to see an uncertain result after a rather long period. Now, we may have a more convenient and quicker way to realize all these wishes. Let’s repost! Yes, that’s the answer I provide.

   Recently, I have noticed a very interesting phenomenon on the social networks such as Sina Blog, in which the people will repost different posts that contain words or picture claiming to assure success or luckiness. For example,  the number of students who repost the lucky post will mount to an amazing number before and right after an important exam. It’s hard to tell whether this work or not, but people truly are obsessed with it.

   To explore the reasons of the interesting phenomenon, we may first look into the tradition that Chinese have been worshiping the power of gods and believing that praying to certain god will bring wealth, health and even good marriage since ancient time. Though modern people, especially the contemporary young, may not devote to gods or Buddhas in a specific religion, they do unconsciously believe in some unknown magics brought about by praying. Since the traditional way of praying demands quite a lot time and energy, the substitutes varying from ornaments to lucky posts naturally comes into being.

   Different posts that assure luckiness usually combine words with specific images. The words are usually short but powerful enough to stimulate the behavior of posting. The typical ones, “Repost this, you are going to be lucky in the next month”, “repost this image, all your wishes will come true in this year” or “repost this picture, you back luck will leave”. And the images under the post may be mascots which symbolize positive significance in Chinese culture such as carp. Since in the legend, carp has leaped over a gate and become a dragon. Therefore, the picture of carps will be the preference for those who seek success whether in academic performance or business filed. Sceneries are also important elements in these posts. Beautiful scenes such as flowers or dawn forecast bright prospect, which makes it a good choice. In addition, the pictures of celebrities also account for a large number of illustrations used in the posts. However, people will be picky about reposting depending on the likes or dislikes toward the person.

  Reposting blogs that claim to make sure luckiness doesn’t happen on a daily basis. People do it when they have wishes. And It will be not so attracting for someone who has nothing to wish for, and only work on those who are in dilemma or expect to get something. Of course, the fact is that it’s hard to find a detached person who wishes for nothing. We from time to time are caught in the trouble or desire for something, which makes the existence of reposting lucky blogs meaningful. I guess, most of us are not truly convinced of the magic power brought by a number of words and a picture. What makes the behavior of reposting popular lies in that we tend to seek for spiritual support. Whether or not we have worked hard to change the current situation, we need some exterior strengths to help us get through the period. In this sense, it may explain the reason why my roommate who is a lover of such blogs still works hard after each reposting. She is actually not spellbound but aware that reposting just serves to provide comfort or support, and she can gain nothing unless works hard. Reposting, thus become an optimistic way to express personal desires and reduce pressure.

   For me, I am also fond of reposting such blogs, especially when I am caught in trouble. But it doesn’t mean I totally believe it. In fact, I just failed an exam after reposting lucky blogs for many times. It’s just fun to repost and to witness that people on blogs are also doing so. And wait and see luck may truly come to me.


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