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Interesting or uninteresting Virginia Woolf?

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   “I will never be a supporter of Virginia Woolf,” I told my roommates arbitrarily after having read several short stories with so many stream of consciousness in the literature class, “why should I spend a good two hours reading that a woman go to buy a bunch of flowers but find she’s still in the same place after thirty pages. Horrible experience.”

   It’s true that reading an English novel or something related is so time-consuming, especially when no interesting plots or conversations come into sight to give some excitement. In most cases, reading a novel for me is to know the characters, plot and theme. However, if there are no such things to follow or look for, reading will be so difficult and boring for me. Virginia Woolf does bore me at first, you know, she will jumps among different things, produces ambiguity conversations and passages of psychological descriptions. I will undoubtedly give up the work of Virginia Woolf fearing that a good afternoon will be spent in vain. However, her works has been included in the three classes this term.

   Professor Li of Modern Fiction literature has always acclaimed Woolf as a talented writer and commented her works as something highly skillful and artistic. He is such a lovely old gentleman with fabulous academic achievements but is always easy-going and humorous. It is him who has first led me into the complex and beautiful world of Virginia Woolf.

   It was an ordinary Tuesday, Ten o’ clock for Professor Li‘s class but something different was that I wouldn’t listen to the class for it was Virginia Woolf again. Although it’s not easy for a Chinese student to skip class, it’s not hard for the mind wandering. I looked at the title by the name of “Kew Garden” wondering whether it would be an interesting story and spared several minutes to read the first paragraph.

   “OK, how do you think of the first paragraph?” Professor Li liked to raise questions even if silence often rewarded him.

   The same silence now circulated through the not so small classroom and everyone lowered head and frowned pretending that they were pondering over the question. Actually, they were trying to avoid any possible eye contact while selecting a good menu for the lunch.

   Someone in the first row broke the deadly and embarrassed silence. Savior for everyone, God! I continued my lines finding that it’s about a beautiful flower bed. I averted my eyes again. Every place has flower bed and why should she spent lines after lines just for a flower bed. It would be much attractive if there was some mysterious map or box hidden in flower bed. An adventurous story always goes like that and better for a reader to expect and digest. But it’s Virginia Woolf and nothing will be better than observing a snail in the flower bed.


   “How beautiful is the paragraph, so vivid and descriptive, we are just in front of an Impressionist painting! How do think, ladies and gentlemen?” it’s a question waiting for no answer.

   I closed my eyes, sleepy and pensive, wondering where the beauty lied. I thought of Wordsworth immediately, wandering as a lonely cloud and seeing thousands of daffodils nodding in the breeze by the lake. Maybe Virginia Woolf will also like the scene and be generous enough to pour down beautiful words. After all, if she could be inspired by a small flower bed and wrote in details including heart-shaped leaves, colorful petals and cool raindrops, other things would also inspired her. Turning the words into solid things or colorful pictures makes the reading flow more easily. I read over the first paragraph and found not so difficult.

   A good start made me not waste time looking through blogs or reading online novels, for the first time, I agreed that Virginia Woolf was writing something really interesting by presenting trivial and broken reality and psychological undercurrents. The most impressive paragraph goes like this some memories with her ex-girlfriend with whom he has almost got married crowded into a man when he revisited the Kew Garden with his wife and children. Virginia Woolf cut off all the unnecessary conversations or descriptions with delicate psychological statement. Sometimes, individual experiences or memories will become a piece of painting that get wet. Not every detail is remained but some meaningful fragments. Time asunder life into scraps and memories of life are condensed into so many pieces of fragments. Being fragmented and broken is in essence the true portrait of life and this world.

   Spring breeze tiptoe the trees and old leaves will fall in profusion just like a big snow. What beautiful scene it is! However, not a piece of snowflake will be remembered by me but the falling picture. 

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