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The Clamour for No Clamour

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    Though the great attainments China has made in recent years, it is still a zigzag path for the descendants of the dragon to match their social ethics awareness with China's economic miracle.
     The Chinese tourists became the universal cynosure once again in the wake of "martial art" show outbreakd at a china Eastern Airlines flight before takeoff from Phuket, Thailand in February, 2014.  Last Thursday, a Chinese passager  assaulted the crew  by tossing hot water at a flight attendant, which lead to a U turn of the flight and ejection of all the involved passagers. In footage released by China's state television CCTV, a male passenger threatened to bomb the plane. He later said the attendant was scalded by accident during a tussle over a bill they had requested for the hot water.
    This is not the first time for the Chinese tourists to demean themselves oversea. As the hot water mentioned, any trifles would touch off a staggering strife on plane, such as seat arrangement, name calling, long waits. It looks like the Chinese people are all but pacifist, they are more keen to be gladiators in the public than citizens of other countries, which are exactly the opposite of the maxim of " peace is most precious" preached by the Chinese ancestors.
    Definitely,the perpetrators could not escape the humiliating verdict  on their rough behaviour. And it is widely acknowledged that the poor social ethics awareness are part of the problem. As China making a miraculous economic achievement in recently years, the citizen's moral standard failed to grow in tandem with their economic one, which lead to the popularity of unscrupulous tourists abroad. And what's worse is that the number of the tourist increases dramatically in the decade. More than 100 million Chinese have traveled overseas this year, more than any other country,which means the uncivilized behaviour is more likely to happen if not fettered by the authority. While the tourist industry continue to keep it up, such spectre will haunt the Chinese people for a long time.
    However, for China's national image, the Chinese government began to interfere such matters as never before. It is said that the travel agency will be punished for the dereliction of duty and the perpetrators will be blacklisted for bad credit. It is unfair to blame the travel agency for passagers' feckless behaviour, and the penalty is also unsustainable and bad for the tourist boom because the travel agency will delibrately sort out the passager for fair of future punishment, which will further lead to an outbreak of quarrel between buyers and sellers. However, the blacklist may workable. The low cost of offence has always been accused of the root cause of tourist deliquency. Though the individual credit record will not totally stop the offence abroad, more or less, it will slow the fist when considering the future travel convenience.
  Boldness in tourism development, boldness in travel stimulus, stagnancy in tourist regulation. This is the fact faces the Chinese government, an overhaul of travel regulation is indispensable if China wants to maintain its tourist boom. And definitely, it need some time.

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