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the last day, the last word to the chinadaily blog test

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Three months has gone by since I decide to participate the Chinadaily blog test. At the last day, I really confused what I want to write and should write.My mind was glutted with some political and social issues, such as the anti-corruption fight against Zhou Yongkang, a former top state leader, the food safety problem triggered by the Husi scandal, and other hot issues. However, with a deep analysis on these issues, I found it is always humdrum to write something you not involved. So I make a decision to write about myself.
At the beggining time, the blog test is unattractive to me. I was taking part in the advanced interpretation test in May. Due to some objective reasons and ulterior motive, the examiner deny me at the oral test, even the most of my answers is right. I was really shocked by their behavior and frustrated by the result. It looks like my months' hard work is invalid and useless. I use one week to calm down.
Though I lose this time, I never lose my hope. I always hold the conviction that people should pursue something other than the entertainment and relaxing. If I can not make the progress in one way, just change it. Writting is a good idea. Sometimes writting is not as easy as somebody think. I always spend 3-5 hours on my blog  to write something I satisfied.The process of writing is full of dictionary checking and consideration to avoid spellling and tense mistakes. It really a time-consuming work and arduous task for me, because I have to work in the day time and nursing my baby at night, while doing housework and other trifles. It always 9 o'clock at night when I finish everything. And then take a bath and go sleep because of the weary mind and body. This has become my daily routine and lifestyle.
I have to say that the best way to promote the english is not speaking ,reading but writing. The writting is the process of writing something down while read it in your mind. It will yield twice the result with half the efforts. I am so impressed at this point since I try to write something. If you want to learn the english well, writting is indispensable.
I don't know whether I will continue to write after the ending of blog test. But I really learn a lot from the blogs write by other people. To check the blog has already become my daily job, and the blog has beocme my great source for english study.
Last but not least, hope everybody could reap the benefit from the blog test and make progress on english study.
Cheers, toast to the efforts we made in the past three month!

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  • ten things that change when you have a baby 2014-8-24 10:30

    liuxiaomingskm: thank you! guy, you are very informed and also a kind man, your comments wil become my motivation for future writting. Really thanks!
    Don't care too much about any negative comments here. You wrote about the worlds greatest gift and life's most precious treasure, A blessing more than any man could possibly receive.
    Our life changes completely and irrevocably when we have children. (And if it doesn't, we're doing something wrong)

  • ten things that change when you have a baby 2014-8-23 20:29

    hempman: A toast to you for winning "The excellent participants" in the blogging contest, Well Deserved!
    thank you! guy, you are very informed and also a kind man, your comments wil become my motivation for future writting. Really thanks!

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