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the crystal of the love - our beloved baby

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    Last week has witnessed one of the greatest moment in my life - the birth of my little princess. All the family members are swimming in the bliss and highly praise the gift bestowed by god. However,before the birth, I was tortured by the mixed feelings,including apprehension, misgivings and excitement. Fortunately, the birth of my baby is smooth and prompt, and my wife is in rapid recovery and rejuvenation. What a good news for both me and my family.
Sighed at the few photographs and pictures taken in my own childhood, I think it is my duty and responsibility to record the story of my little baby and photograph her early life, which will absolve myself from the blame as a negligent father. So the following pictures are taken in chronological order.
My little princess, it is the period in which you stay at your mommy's womb. Owing to the increasing size of your body, your mum has suffered a great inconvenience in the daily life. she can not stand up on her own, still less can she bend down. So you must never be unworthy of the pain your mum suffered and her expectation of you.
The first day of your life. You lay in slumber with messy hair. To be honest, i could not believe it is my baby whose appearance is far from what I imaged. But I have to admit that your appearance is identical to me, we are related. In another word, you are my baby!
The seventh day of your life. You open you eyes and stare at me. Now you become more beautiful and comely. I can faintly see your double eyelids which is a significant mark of a great beauty in morden times.Good job, girl!
(你人生第七天。你张开眼睛 注视着我。现在你变的更漂亮和清秀了。我能隐约看到你的双眼皮,这在当今时代可是一个大美人的重要标志哦,干的漂亮,宝贝!)
The ninth day of your life.You looks very comfortable in your cozy nest.You are a little stronger and chubby. In addition, something happened on your body, you old skin has been replaced by the new one, I can see the "white wrinkle" on your arms.
And sometimes you are so annoying, you always cry, even cry for cry, which made us very headache and confused. What we can do is just pat your back and comfort you.Dad try everything I can do, a pacifier,music, and even sometimes I have to sing a lullaby
No one love you more than me except your mommy. After your birth, you mum gaze at you , which give a manifestation of maternal ove. you have the same feature with your mum, big eye, doulbe eyelids, and sharp little chin.Perfect!
(这世界上没有人比我爱你更多, 除了你妈妈。你出生后,你妈妈凝视着你。变现出了极其强烈的母爱。你和你妈妈有很多共同点,大眼睛,双眼皮,尖下巴。太完美了!)
Sometimes you always mug yourself, which is so funny and hilarious. You enrich our life, we all love you, my little princess.
It is our common aspiration that you could grow up every day, and one day  become the most beautiful princess in the world. Don't disappointed us, come on, little princess!

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  • ten things that change when you have a baby 2014-8-24 10:30

    liuxiaomingskm: thank you! guy, you are very informed and also a kind man, your comments wil become my motivation for future writting. Really thanks!
    Don't care too much about any negative comments here. You wrote about the worlds greatest gift and life's most precious treasure, A blessing more than any man could possibly receive.
    Our life changes completely and irrevocably when we have children. (And if it doesn't, we're doing something wrong)

  • ten things that change when you have a baby 2014-8-23 20:29

    hempman: A toast to you for winning "The excellent participants" in the blogging contest, Well Deserved!
    thank you! guy, you are very informed and also a kind man, your comments wil become my motivation for future writting. Really thanks!

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