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new policy on Shanghai Auto plate auction, lead to chaos? or order?

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Yesterday, I participated in the Shanghai auto plate auction again after the failure in May. As usually,  I suffered a second defeat even with the help of my wife,which made me so frustrate. But some data and statistices as followed astound me.
The number of the bidders reached 135,677-dragging the success rate to a all-time low of 5.5 percent. The number of bidders of  yesterday's aution was up 21,556 from the last month. The average winning price was 73,896- down 607 yuan from last month.In the second hand market, the price of the second hand plate has soar to 12,000 yuan, 3000 yuan increase from the previous month.
Just think about these ludicrous figures, 13,577 people scramble for only 7400 car plate, which made all the people less likely to procure one plate than ever before. While the second hand car plate is unaffordable for the majority of the bidders. On the one hand, people are holding back due to the expensive used plate, on the other hand they have little chance to acquire a new plate. All this drive the number of  participator to a record high, which made people less likely to get even one plate. This is totally a vicious circle.
However, something will change from the July. Shanghai government introduce two new rules yesterday in an attempt to reduce the number of bidders at the monthly car plate auction. From July, only holders of driving license can bid,and those who are successful can not take part in the auction for three years.The new rules follows a wave a panic bidding after the city raise its emmission standard to national V. This led a 50% increase in bidders as April was the last chance for owner of out of town registered national VI cars to change to Shanghai license plate.
Afterward,the number continue to rise in May and June. People are so outraged by the rocketing bidders and the interrupted data transmission. The grumble and complaint can been seen everywhere on Internet.Which has already make it become one of the intractable problems the government faced.
I really hope the new policy will work and help the people like me to get a better chance in the bidding, and wish this policy will benefit those with a genuine need.
The effect of these policy is expected next month.

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