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Learning to drive

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From 9 a.m.-6 p.m. today, I went to the driving school to learn how to drive.
'Cause it's the first time I touch the wheel, I feel so excited and to some extent, a little nevous.
The whole day task is all about the so called "Back into the garage", and it's proved to be the most difficult part. Three person as a team, the coach let us to practise in turn.(half an hour a round) The other two girls, who have been here yesterday, obviously drived much better than me.
At first, I felt  frustrated and was unwilling to practise. It's my coach who helped me patiently and kindly, step by step.
He always encouged me and said it's reasonable for my mistakes as it's my first time here. I know, he just comforted me. I don't know why it seemed harder for me to improve. The only problem for is the speed----- I can not control it very well for the whole day!! It really made me crazy. Only then did I believed in the truth---- A miss is as good as a mile, absolutely. 
As an outsider, I think it easier to drive. I know, it's mainly about engaging the clutch and wrenching the wheel (repeatedly). The problem is when I get in the car, everything changed and my mind was in a mess. What's worse, my hand can not keep up with my foot. Failure after failure, I'm afraid that I will be a killer on the road in the future. And the only to solve the problem is to practise----pratice makes perfect. So, I will keep on practising till the end this month. 
Pls pray for me, amen.
Ps: Learning to drive is so funny, you will know much about the car, the traffic rules as well as the people in your team.
Even though I was sunburned , it's worthwhile.^-^

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