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My Campus Love Story

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We are classmates. After two years campus life, we found each other have good impressions on each other, then we estabalish the BG relationship. At the beginning, we went walking hand in hand in campus garden, in campus playgroud, in the basketball sports ground. During the noon rest, she will lay resting on my knees. We are a model BG in my class. We spend most of our times in campus.
After one and a  half year, we rent a room and lived together. Then life is quite diffent then, sometiimes have to even earn some money as a tutor to make a living.
Time passes quickly, we graduate from college. In order to stay together, we came to her home town, there I worked as a substitue teacher in a elementary school for a wage of RMB350/month. The time is 2001. After a semester, I quit and find a same teaching work in technique school, earning RMB650/month. Life was not busy during this period. Her parents finally accept me. My parents were still against my staying with her.
I changed from works to works in her hometown, not a job can afford our life. In 2002, I went to JJ City in Quanqou FJ, there I worked as a QA at a wage of RMB1500/month. I tried my best to save money for her, feeling sorry not for my parents later. One day when I came to see her at her home, I found her home wall is pending to collapse. Then we decide to buy her home a house, even we have only 1500 in hand.
Finally we chose to go to SG  as immigrant workers to see if we can earn enough money to buy her home a house. We borrowed money from elsewhere we can borrow for the agent fee and the apartment,buy the new house before we left for SG. The total we owed almost comes to 200 thousand RMB. With the debt burden we went to SG as a immigrant worker.
The working life in SG is a complex of bitterness, happiness and achievements. Cooked for myself evern after 16hours working. We had been working hard and trying to save money. Time flies, we have been in SG for a year, and there was not much debt. Her home wanna decorate the new house and the house decorated. We have been working hard and live a very tight life.
The most romatic thing in my mind, she didn't/doesnt know, is that I Always tried to save every coin to buy her some fruit, a flower, etc. I just cooked myself porriage in the morning with some salt in; Ate just my own carrot/cabbage rice as lunch/supper. As we are lived apart in different factory, 1 and a half hour's way by bus. When seeing her face filled with big smiling, I felf my heart full of achievement, although life is bitter and tight.
As not seeing a good future in SG as immigrant worker, I decide to leave SG and back to China. She stayed in SG and earn money for her home.
Landed in the XM airport and breathed the home air, my heart was full of expecting to go to her home as early as possible, as we have deicided my going to her home first. After waiting for the door to open for almost an hour, her home door open by his sister's husband. The house is the one paid by the money that we have borrowed before we left for SG. Before the opening, I stand alone at the road side waiting, it's not a good feeling waiting in this way. Her home is informed my arriving weeks ago.
In the new house, the time is about one o'clock in the afternoon, I am so hungry. I find porriage only. I told her so while she calling me from SG. But I was scolded by her mum for there are food materials in the refrigerator. The mum told me that I can cook myself and ask why I told her daughter nothing to eat. Felt not so good. During the night, I was asked to sleep with her sister's husband, no single bed for me, feeling at a loss. My staying in the new house only for 3 days. Most the 3 days, I paid thanks visits to the one who lent me money.
After that I went back home, only some gifts for my own family. With little money in pocket, I had to find a job as quickly as possible. Then I come to SZ and found myself a job after half a month's job seeking. About one year passed, I told my GF when she come back to china, she should live with me, not with her mum. She didn't agree and ask why. I told her what happen at the time I was back China in the new house. She don't understand me. All after all, I gave her the only choice, chose her mum or chose me. She gave me up, din't chose to go with me. The end is not my expecting.And she never thought of  coming backto me. After waiting and waiting, I stayed single before she married to a guy who was her colleague in SG, her home-town man.
From my campus love story, I know what's real love. Love is pure, no matter what happen during life. But love is a give-catch and catch give, so it's hard to have it. If one will go with the other one to everywhere, do everything for the other one, choose to stay together for life no matter what causes/excuses are, there's true love between them.

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