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Five Streams Management

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Five Stream Management includes the capital stream management, material management, labour management, system management and culture management.
Capital management monitors the money spending, its running speed and curculating period. And you can have a whole view of how the capital flow. Can know how the money makes money and what future the money will bring.
Material management can reflect the speed of production and delivery. Whole view of materials can be seen. Of course, here the material means all things that are visible.
Labour Management are things regarding human being, all labour spent on business, from the boss to the dustman, even the one just come to some part job for only 1minutes.
The above three managements are called basic management. If the firm can do the above well, then he will clear about all his business.
System Management is about system to fasten or hinder the running of the three bsic managements. So it's a quite a good competitive tool. System management can let the owner of the firm out of heavy monitoring and can have good sleep time.
Culture management  is to make the firm the home of all staff in the firm, and is to make the firm have a solid base. As you see, if the house is erected in a solid place, it will stand upright for long. Also, culture management is part of social culture cultivation, so it's a way of being responsible to the society. Good virture can be hatched in culture management. As all can see, good virture will makes our environment more beautiful and will let us have a brighter future. Us include all, the firm, the staff working in the company, the people around the co., and the society and so on.

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