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the most exciting thing in my last summer vacation(2)

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Today I’d like to post some of my street vendor’s pictures, do you want to join me? It will run only for 2 months (our summer vacation time), until now there are 4 bosses and 4 shares, obviously, I’m the big boss. You guys may want to know what did I sell? How’s it going? Why did I come into being this kind of idea? What did I learn from the small business? And other questions, so I will share my mind and experience to you ,I do hope you guys could give some constrictive comments to me, at the same time, this summer must be difference and funny to me and my partners.


First of all, our investment is 600yuan and we sell the cold drink, just like the cold soup of green beans, plum and tremella, they called me Soup Queen,we bought materials, bowls, chairs and tables, disposable cups and other little but important things, there were our cost. Our plan is to earn more then 5 thousands yuan per month, but only for 2 yuan you could taste the soup, so, accounting it, how many cups shall we sell? It’s a joke, because our final goal is exercise, experience, not money.


Those days I felt very tired, so did they, thanks to our good sell, we must buy lot of materials every day, then, cook and wash bottles. No one knows how word- hard we are, no one helps us, only by ourselves. I don’t know when do we give up, before we want to run the small business, we made a good blueprint, once we try it, I felt it was difficult and I need to learn more about the skill of selling, communicating and management. Anyway, I should hold on.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2014-8-11 09:06
Thank you. We've recommended it.
Reply Report KristaChen 2014-8-11 13:50
Good experience. It brings you not only money but also joy.
Reply Report Yinhot 2014-8-11 15:50
so sweet
Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-8-11 18:55
woow, the ad is very cool, please send me one cup.
I still wonder what it is in the first picture? How do you guys make it?
Reply Report Joseph1993 2014-8-11 22:42
In fact,I wanna have a taste.
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-11 23:40
voice_cd: Thank you. We've recommended it.
thank you!  i'm so happy to read your commend.
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-11 23:42
KristaChen: Good experience. It brings you not only money but also joy.
yep, joy i think,untill today we've earned only 1800yuan, but we all tired,i wanna give up.
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-11 23:43
Yinhot: so sweet
you got it
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-11 23:54
Yinhot: so sweet
it taste sweet,cool,welcome
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-11 23:56
Joseph1993: In fact,I wanna have a taste.
   welcome, i will treat you
Reply Report seaandson 2014-8-12 00:07
Hannah.E: woow, the ad is very cool, please send me one cup.
I still wonder what it is in the first picture? How do you guys make it?
   i wanna treat you very much if it could be.
the first one is our preproduct,then,it will be cut,do you know xian cao mi?仙草蜜?we  buy it from market,because it cost too much time, i hear that make it by a kind of grass
Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-8-12 09:12
ohhh, I haven't heard it yet, but it seems cool, come on~
Reply Report SEARU 2014-8-12 09:50
Real things makes your blog so wonderful!
Reply Report 财神 2014-8-12 13:10
it was expensive, so i hadnt came to buy your stuff.did you notice this?

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  • I am a tough girl 2014-9-1 12:31

    Do yourself is OK,actually I like girls who are independent like you.

  • LOVE and LIKE 2014-8-13 13:53

    seaandson: hi,laneferm,i'm so happy to see your commend,but you know nowadays i'm busy with my driver's license,so......
    in china,people like a person who's rish ...
    probably the most important thing is to make yourself available. Then, be presentable etc...these are some of the basic's which Im sure you already do. Also, not to take things too seriously. This can lead to problems. Give and take and  just enjoy each others company. Go slow too...

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