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Oolong Tea classifed according to location

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Modern tea studies commonly classify  Oolong tea into Fujian Oolong (North Fujian Oolong and South Fujian Oolong), Guangdong Oolong and Taiwan Oolong, according to their place of origin.

North Fujian Oolong

North Fujian Oolong is more fermented. It mainly grows at mount Wuyi in north Fujian. There is a small yield from Jianou, Jianyang, Nanping, Shuiji—three crops per year. The picking and processing start from late April.

It has two sub-categories, Wuyi Yan Cha and North Fujian Daffodil, the former being more popular.

1. Wuyi Yan Cha

Mild in taste and light in flavor, Wuyi Yan Cha is the earliest type of Oolong. Its half-fermented processing was invented by villagers in Mount Wuyi during the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

Yan Cha, Charm of rock .Yan means rock in Chinese.Wuyi Yan Cha gives off a unique fragrance of  “flowers growing on the rocks.”

The tea grows on and is enriched by the rocks. Mount Wuyi is situated in the northern part of Wuyi Cordillera, facing southwest, covering 70 It has 36 peaks and 99 giant rocks, with meandering streams. Surrounded by other mountains but not connected, Mount Wuyi has the right climate, temperature, rainfall and soil for tea growth. In 1999, NUSEO enlisted Mount Wuyi in The Dictionary of World Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Tea farmers plant tea trees between rocks and stones. This gives it the name Yan Cha. Presently there are about 1,000 types of trees.

The fragrance of the tea trees mingles with the clean mountain air. Wuyi Yan Cha absorbs both, and the tea gives off its “charm” of “freshness, fragrance, sweetness and vividness.”

The enduring fragrance is a mixture of green tea and black tea—light and rich---with added freshness of the bright yellow tea liquid, pure and clear. Drink it, to experience its sweetness and the enjoyable aftertaste. Appreciate the visual threat of the “green leaf red edge.”

The processing technique follows: fry kneadrefryrekneaddryredry, unique to Wuyi Yan Cha.

2.Naming of Wuyi Yan Cha

Wuyi Yan Cha are named after tea trees, such as Cinnamon from cinnamon trees. To classify as a type, such as the Daffodil and Oolong, Buddha Hand, etc. there is a requirement of a minimum production. Tea trees giving smaller yields are called Famous Bush or Single Bush.

Famous bushes are considered the “King of Yan Cha.” The small output and good quality make the Famous Bushes precious, They are given special names according to the tree shape or their growth environment. During the reign of Xianfeng (Qing Dynasty), the four famous bushes chosen were named Dahongpao, Baijiguan, Tieluohan and Shuijingui.

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    teamkrejados: I was told there is a tea beneficial to every animal of the zodiac. Oolong tea is supposed to be the best tea for tigers. Are you a tiger? I am!
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    teamkrejados: I was told there is a tea beneficial to every animal of the zodiac. Oolong tea is supposed to be the best tea for tigers. Are you a tiger? I am!
    I was , but now I'm not. I'am trying to be a cat.

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