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"We Are the World" by MJ and things I think of

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     This is a MTV my English teacher played in class, recalling the money-raising event launched by American singers in hope of helping African people out of drought and hunger in 1985. Maybe people nowadays scarcely know about this event, but it swept all over the world in 1985 and successfully raised a lot of money.


   Until now my words have been plain. But how should I describe it- I was almost moved into tears while watching! I can never be immune to this kind of charity-related videos.


   At first I was astonished by the beautiful sound of the first man. Then there follow other singers’ voices and each one is undoubtedly beautiful and unique. I see sincerity both for this helping event and for music from every engrossed face. It is this devotion that touches me so much that every time I see it I would feel blood pulsing quickly through my veins. And later a tendency of crying comes in a flash.


   I like the idea of people all over the world uniting together, living harmoniously as brothers and sisters. I don’t understand why politicians are intriguing against each other on territory, sovereignty or historical problems.


   Next I would like to talk about the music. Music always catches me successfully. I especially love the light music, like Bandari; it sets me free from the daily life and creates wonderlands for me to wander in. In this MTV, I see these singers controlling their breath and shape of mouth so well that voices turn out to be fabulous melodies rather than meaningless noises. How great human beings are-they are controlling air and vocal organs, creating something so fascinating! Can you feel it? In this song and in every beautiful music piece, there exits order fitting so well into the silence. They half closed their eyes, indulged in the wonderfully harmonious, melodious space they created on their own.


   I’ve been always admiring those who sing well; because they can express what they feel in singing through the lyrics and the tune. Instead, I can do nothing but keep silent for I cannot sing well and have no idea about how to control air and the vocal organ to express what I feel appropriately. Nor do I dance well. I’m never the one on the stage for flowers and applause. I do have a lot of interests, like painting, calligraphy, writing, etc. But they are talents that can not be shown on the stage in just several minutes. So we always find ourselves in a dilemma where our teachers complain programs being plain with a majority of singing and dancing ones in the dress rehearsals. Moreover, as is often the case, we find the contradiction between singers’, dancers’ or actors’ pleasant performance and their poor stock of knowledge or lack of morality, which is often mocked at by Medias and ordinary people. On the other hand, in skills and talents that can not be shown on the stage, or rather say, do not care about mere appearance, always hides a person’s deep thoughts. Great writers, painters are always those who have a deep and unique understanding of life. Thus performances become comparatively superficial, stimulating our sensory organ.


   But wait, I ought not to generalize about people. It’s true that there do exist song/dance performers and actors with knowledge and virtues people admire and become models people can learn from. Also, we shouldn’t evaluate people with the same standard. Many performing artists don’t do well in subjects (that is what my roommate laughed at just now), but they’ve get the talent in bringing the audience with laugh and enjoyment while we don’t.


   Take myself for example, I love movies and dramas, and I’m dreaming of performing on the stage on day, or becoming a comic star to make people happy like we often see on TV. I once applied for being an actor in a play arranged by senior students which required an interview. However, I was so used to primness and Grundyism that I couldn’t ease a bit and ended up standing there without knowing what and how to perform(they asked me to perform a fragment of a movie or a teleplay). Then, yes, the chance flew away. I was annoyed.


   Sometimes I don’t know who I really am. You know, one’s characters are decided by many factors, like the environment, your family, friends, things you confront with, etc. Now I’m shy and not outgoing. They may bring you a vast landscape of thinking, but I sometimes hate them as I want a wilder life where I can be free (you know, shy people are good at pretending and restricting which make them feel uneasy among a group of people). And I wander if my characters would change with different things coming along in the future. Will I become an outgoing girl? Will I become good at acting and performing? Will I become a renowned star whom people are chasing after for the newest information and I even enjoy it? I don’t know; it just seems to be so impossible for now. Or, am I just pursing fame like those who envy the popularity of celebrities?


   Well, this passage will be too lengthy if I keep on writing but thoughts just keep coming along, let’s talk about it next time, fame.


   By the way, good morning!



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  • Is it "Chinglish"? ---I don't tink so! 2014-5-29 15:06

    seanboyce88: I agree, it may be way too over the top for such a situation...but GRAMMATICALLY speaking it's not wrong. In mick's own words "it isn't good gram ...
    No, it's only correct in that it was used as an adjective to describe something. It was, however, incorrect in the context in which it was used.

    No one who has witnessed the execution of a serial killer would describe it as being a 'happy execution' yet the relatives of the victims may well have felt this emotion at seeing, in their eyes, justice being done.

    Ballet could never be described as 'breathtaking' though a particular performance might well deserve such an accolade. Similarly, it would be the performance of a play that would merit such praise, not the play itself.

    It is my understanding that you were born in the UK and that English is your first language. This entitles you to have a private opinion on the use of English but by no means qualifies you to lecture others on what is or isn't correct grammar especially those with many years of studying this wonderful language and who may rejoice in the title of a Master of English.

    You have opined that 'English is a descriptive language' and, whilst this is indeed true, it is also an accurate and concise language in that there is a word for almost everything. e.g. would you say that you are scared of heights or would you use the correct term and say that you are afraid of heights? The difference is there for a reason and that is to express exactly that which is intended to be understood.

    Shame on you, lad, for such ignorance of your own language.

  • Is it "Chinglish"? ---I don't tink so! 2014-5-28 18:59

    Maierwei: I haven't      I'm so "uncool" in terms of following the popular books&films... But will give The Game of Thrones a chance!
    the books are really good actually...of course it's only my opinion. he has no fear of killing off a loved character, very enjoyable

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