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Do you have a good friend that you never meet face to face?

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These days, I am watching a TV play named How I met your mother. It tells several funny stories before daddy got married with mummy. But today, I am going to tell you a story about how Jasmine knows Wesley. Here, I use the word know instead of meet. Because I usually reckon that people who encounter each other face to face can be regarded as meet. However, I never see Wesley face to face, so I choose know.


It is a simple story but reflects the fantastic thing of fate.


In 2013’s autumn, I went to Mount Wuyi with my other three friends. We stayed in a Youth Hostel named Da Wang Feng. There were several visitors’ books on the counter. Visitors always write some soft words in those books to make some memory. So did I. I write some words with some lovely illustration. Meanwhile, I wrote my QQ number too. My initial thought is that when somebody sees my QQ number, they may add me as their friend. Although I thought like this, I never thought it will come true one day.



About half a year pasted, the April of 2014 came. On a common day, I went to work as usual. Suddenly, I saw somebody request me to add him or her as friend. I approved as usual at first. But I suddenly realized that he wrote Wu Yi Shan in the remarks column. Simultaneously, I remembered what I’ve wrote in last year in Da Wang Feng Youth Hostel.


Yes, that’s how I know Wesley. He is one year younger than me. There is a long distance between him and me. Because he is in Shanxi province but I am in Zhejiang province. Now, we still connect with each other and totally become good friends. We never meet each other face to face. But thanks for the present advanced internet communication system. We can reach for each other easier than before. I used to think those things only happen in the novels. But it is really happen to me. I am very happy and excited. I will treasure the friendship between us. Maybe one day, we will meet each other in the same street, and that’s the time to say “hey, nice to meet you, Wesley. I am Jasmine.”  O(_)O  And maybe, that is also the time to write a new story in CD blog with the title “ how Jasmine meet Wesley”. And at that time I will use meet instead of know and put the photo with him and me.







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