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A poem wrote in January

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I wrote this poem in January 28th, 2014. The girl quitted her first job and went back home. Before she went back home, she has experienced a blanking period (something about the blanking period can be read in my third blog). She wrote this poem in a sunny morning in the countryside path. At that moment, she was thinking about the question about city and countryside. She wanted to figure out which one is better. And so she did.


I think, from her poem, you can feel that countryside is her cake. But as time went by, I know the answer is not 100 percent right. When we feel tired in the city, we extremely want to escape from it. But when we spend a long time in the countryside, we feel very boring. Therefore, I realize that we needn’t make a choice. We can have two.


Yes, we can.


When we are young, we ought to spend much time in city, because we have dreams and we have energy to see a wider world. No man can view all the beautiful scenery, events and different kinds of areas around the earth. We should take this opportunity to fight. When we are tired, we can drive to a countryside and have a rest for a little time or buy a train ticket to start your short trips. When you refreshed, it is time for you to go back to city. When we are old, we will prefer a more peaceful life without meeting, case study, negotiation or something else. We may just want to stay with our husband or wife in a small house. We will plant flowers, walk our dog after dinner, count star on the top of the house in a cool summer evening. When kids come from the active city, we will cook a big meal for them. We will play with our grandchildren.


Oh, back to now. It is a little bit far for me, because I am 24 now. I just want to say no matter where are you, in the city or countryside, which we all need to treat it well. It is the gift from the world and fate. And we will be better.


Here is the poem,


Countryside Girl


Running in the small path, my feet are kissing the ground.

Far away from the concrete, just my darling earth.

Pleasant sunshine wake up my smile, gentle breeze stroke my face,

I am a happy countryside girl.


Two colors can be found in my streaming blood, 

One is red, one is white.

Red support me to strive in the city, 

White preserves my childlike innocence.


City spoils night while countryside favors morning.

I am a girl, half city, half countryside.

If you ask me which is my favorite,

Definitely will be the countryside.


I admire Jane, cos she gave birth to Elizabeth.

I envy Taylor, cos she will take out her guitar and play this song.

My heart is shouting:

One day, those will happen on me.


Embraced by those amazing creature, 

I told myself:

Make good balance between two girls in my soul, 

Both of them are pretty and charming.








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