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In our daily life, we can meet different kinds of people. Some of them are rich. Some of them have high degree than you. Some of them are knowledgeable and have been many countries where you may never go there in this life. To some extent, you may think those people are superior to you.


There is no doubt that people feel relax when they are living with people who have similar condition or level. In my 23 yearsespecially in my college period, I usually stand at a distance and watch those excellent people. (Of course, they are really excellent in my heart. They seem like genius in any areas, no matter in study or work. ) I never include myself to the rank of those excellent people. There was a voice in my mind at that time: we are different people in different world.


Why do I have this voice? I dig out the possible reason in my deep heart, which is I am afraid of staying with them. Then, why do I afraid? One is, comparing with them, I have an inferior complex. Secondly, I am afraid that they will look down upon me.


However, as time goes by, I constantly realize that Jasmine (my English name) was totally wrong. Human is a social animal that need to connect with other people. Everybody represent a world, which means, if I only stay with the similar person, I must miss plenty of other things in the world. I knew escaping can’t solve anything but I just didn’t know how to cope with it in the past.


Well, all I have to do is strong my heart. First of all, I can adore them but not jealous. Excellent people always catch audience’s eyes. However, and without question, I believe they have put a lot of effort that I can’t imagine. What is more, I need to be an observer, whose job is to observe the sparkling parts of myself. Take myself as a new friend, talk to her, smile to her, praise her, all in all, give her as much as positive energy as I can. Eventually, don’t make excessive demands of yourself. If you work really hard but only got 80 scores. Compare with the people who got over 90 scores, you feel frustrated. You ought to know the gap between you and them. However, you need to praise yourself because you have make effort to do it, no matter what the result is, that is the best of you. Smile to yourself and remember always be a first-rate version of you, instead of being a second-rate version of somebody else.


Life is like a journey. You can see the scenery as well as the hardship all the way. The sight you can reach is the realm of your life. If you always see the people who are better than you, which means you are going uphill. If you always see the people who are the same to you, which means you are marking time. If you just see the people who are worse than you, which means you are going downhill. You’d better change yourself instead of complaining the world. Managing your heart and doing well in your things are more important than anything else.


 Jasmine (the first girl) is climbing ~ ~









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Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-5-19 11:39
Sometimes, when you are jealous of people around you, maybe others envy you at the same time. So be confident and believe yourself.
Reply Report 小小徐 2014-5-19 14:55
Hannah.E: Sometimes, when you are jealous of people around you, maybe others envy you at the same time. So be confident and believe yourself.
   thank u for your encouragment. i will be confident. it is the compulsory course in our growing.
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-19 15:02
Keep on climbing or you will never know your limits!
Reply Report 286633460 2014-5-20 22:48
brave girl just run !

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